Friday, July 3, 2009

Applying for an iPhone (Attempt 1)

Attempt one didn't take so long. I Called a few of what I though would be the larger Softbank stores and found that the one in Omotesando had the 32 GB model in stock and available to those who did not preorder. I checked the softbank site for what I needed to bring, and headed over to Omotesando.

At the time, I had yet to realize exactly how much Softbank sucks.

I also had no idea that if I used my passport and foreign registration card as identification, only credit card payment would be accepted. The kid at the counter produced a document that told me as much. You'd think they'd want to put that kind of information on their website to, um... I dunno, save people from making wasted trips, getting generally annoyed, and deciding to NOT sign up with Softbank (because softbank sucks, by the way).

I thought about going home and getting a recent gas or water bill and coming back, but just decided to forget the whole thing. An English-speaking foreign employee asked me "Don't you have a Japanese driver's license?" Show of hands. How many foreign residents in Tokyo actually have a need for a Japanese driver's license?

So having concluded that softbank sucks for not allowing conbini-barai, and not allowing me to pay with my bank account unless I produced a gas bill (WTF? The address on my foreign registration card is not good enough for softbank?), I quit, went home, and decided even though I am a long time Mac user, having an iPhone is not worth dealing with softbank, who sucks more than AT&T (used to be a customer - er, still am a customer).

But if that was all the time I had wasted on softbank, then you wouldn't be reading this because I would not be wasting more time writing it. Oh no, I decided to go back for more, this time at Yodobasi Akiba.

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