Friday, July 31, 2009

More reports on softbank sucking

Joe Jones at Mutantfrog Travelogue posted his experience buying an iPhone from softbank and came to the conclusion that Softbank hates foreigners, a fact that the softbank sucks team (me) is already well aware of. Joe was also well aware of this inescapable fact, as he points out, because Debito Arudo had blogged about it here and here.

As it is also well known that Softbank has (or perhaps had) special policies for Zainichi, and the founder, Masayoshi Son is Korean-Japanese, so maybe Softbank just hates non-Korean foreigners.

After the launch of the original 3G in Japan, posted a funny, fuck-filled rant about softbank sucking entitled "My Japanese iPhone Sucks, wah", in which the the poster concluded that:

In the USA, AT&T kinda sucks. SoftBank, the Japanese carrier, sucks substantially more.
This post also contains sweet jems like:

The implementation of メール (mobile-to-mobile mail, extremely widely-used in Japan, kind of like SMS on steroids) is literally jaw-droppingly, staggeringly fucktarded and is the deal-breaker in Japan. No fucking wonder SoftBank has a “no-returns-even-if-it-doesn’t-work” policy here. Because it fucking doesn’t work, by any Japanese standard.
Its suck-level is such that SoftBank had to send out a text message to all iPhone users a couple days after the release, which basically said “Notice: The iPhone kludge for メール is tremendously awful. We humbly and deeply regret this inconvenience.”
Use of bold in the quotes is that of the OP. Read and enjoy.

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