Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Put the smack down on just ran an article (entitled Free, Video-Enabled iPhone 3GS Charms Japanese Consumers) about the popularity in the iPhone 3G S in Japan. As has been widely reported, the 3G S was the best selling phone in July. However, the article claims that the 3G S is free, which, as all the readers (right now there are exactly zero of you) of this blog know, is not the case.

As's commenting system in a POS, when the softbanksucks team made the comment, there were 6 comments showing. After reloading and confirming that only 6 comments were made, and none pointed out the blatant error in the article, we made the following comment:

Please do some simple research before making false claims that the 3G S is free in Japan. IT IS NOT FREE IN JAPAN. The 3G *WAS* and *STILL IS* free in Japan. The 3G S cost the following during the “iPhone for everybody” campaign.
16 GB 3G S: 11,520 yen (effective) price after spreading the phone of 24 months @ 480 yen/month.
32 GB 3G S: 23,040 yen; 24 months @ 480/month
But, this is only if you qualify for the for the payment plan. Many don’t, especially foreigners (though not likely Korean “Zainichi”). No one knows why. Softbank really sucks in this aspect. If you do not qualify you got to for[k] over about $700 up front for the phone, but then you get the discount over the 24 month contract in the form of a reduced monthly bill.
As of now, 12:20 pm JST, the comment is in moderation, but doesn't really matter if it gets accepted because, after posting, 3 additional comments magically appeared, all saying the same thing, the first of which was made 4 hours previously. We guess that each of the subsequent commenters also didn't realize that the error had been noted.

On an unrelated note, ever notice how C|Net's commenting system doesn't suck (though it is overrun by trolls whereas Wired's is just overrun by spam). No nested comments? WTF? The softbanksucks team just registered for a username without even having to verify we have a valid email account. Rather than using our real address, we should have used er... would that be or maybe


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