Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Softbank stores uses "iPhone for dummies" as a customer service tool

If you've been keeping up, we are supposed to be searching the Japanese-language J-blogosphere for instances of softbank sucking, but this got derailed (or delayed at least) during the subcommittee-decide-on-search-terms-and-search-order portion of the planning sessions. Before reconvening to re-discuss search terms, one of us stumbled on to this humorous anecdote about asking for iPhone tech help in a softbank store.

I went to a SB store yesterday to ask why the automated hotline number (157) didn't react when I push buttons to navigate it. The girl excused herself for 15min, and I spotted her and a couple colleagues in the room in the back of the store, flipping through one
of those "My Very First Iphone" magazines/guides sold in 7/11s... So the poor bastards don't even get guides or manuals from Apple!!!! WTF?
She then proceeded to calling the magazine's publishing company for advise instead of their own tech support!!!
I was sliding off my chair like in a Seinfeld episode.

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