Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Softbank Sucks has finished scouring all the interwebs for instances of softbank sucking

Well, not exactly.

We finished slogging through the tubes in English and came to the conclusion that:
  1. The English-language J-blogosphere (or whatever it is called) has by and large figured out that softbank sucks and stopped talking about it, except for the random forum post.
  2. This blog has the most complete information about what is and is not required when registering for service with softbank of any site (in English) on the web, including the site of the world's worst phone company.
In an attempt to stay fair and balanced, we will also present our loyal readers with links to a few stories of registration with softbank not sucking. Well, one link actually.

But to provide a more comprehensive overview of the situation in Japan re the iPhone, the softbanksucks team has decided to begin scouring the Japanese-language J-blogosphere as well. We will bring you our translations of what the Japanese are saying about the iPhone in general and Softbank specifically - good or bad - but without, of course, any warranty or guarantee whatsoever that what we write in English even remotely resembles what was originally written in Japanese.

Having said that, we formed a committee.

The first job of this committee was to decide a meeting time. After we completed that daunting task, we actually met. During this meeting we discussed how to actually go about searching the Japanese-language J-blogosphere and decided we needed a few subcommittees. One subcommittee was in charge of choosing which search engine(s) to use/not use. One was in charge of determining which keywords to search in roman characters, i.e., English. One was responsible for determining the same for the two-byte font, Japanese-language J-blogosphere. Yet another discussed whether to change our default browser encoding from UTF-8 (unicode) to that POS of an encoding Shift_JIS. This committee also had the ancillary task of determining which browser would be best for rendering said two-byte font language in whichever encoding it happened to be presented in, as well as which browser would do best for displaying pages where there is either no charset tag at all (at last glance roughly half the Japanese-language J-blogosphere), or the entire information is presented entirely in flash with a mal-configured backend that serves up nothing but mojibake (e.g., the stupid NHK site for the highschool baseball tournament). The final committee took all this information under advisement, came up with a recommendation, bounced it up the chain of command to the Softbanksucks CEO, and finally instructed all subcommittees to do the whole thing over again, from the beginning because the result was a kludged-up POS.

In the end we decided to do the following:

perform a google search with the following three keywords in the following order. (unacceptable issues in determining the order of the search terms was the reason for the dissolution of the original subcommittees)

  1. iPhone
  2. softbank
  3. 審査
Stay tuned for the results


EDIT: we forgot to include that one linky.

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