Thursday, September 10, 2009

iPhone on AU? No!

A Japanese friend and iPhone owner sent us this link saying it showed an iPhone on the AU network. Of course we were extremely skeptical as the tech in the iPhone is not compatible with AU's tech. But our friend insists, it has "AU" written on the screen. So, we gave it a look and in the end spewed coffee on our keyboard in a prelude to a sustained session or ROFLMAO. Ok, we exaggerate.

Indeed, it does say AU... preceded by the word voda, as in voda AU, aka Vodafone Australia. But because we just ruined a keyboard, we thought we'd post the link. It is actually a video (in Japanese) showing the unlocking of a Softbank iPhone for use in Australia.

iPhone 3.0 3Gの脱獄・ジェイルブレイク・アンシムロックの動画。 実際には1時間半かかっています

Softbank sends mail to wrong users

This is just frickin hilarious. According to Mainichi:
Thousands of e-mails sent by Softbank mobile customers in western Japan were affected by a technical glitch at the end of August, with some being delivered to the wrong people.

The problem with a Softbank mail server affected 3,902 e-mails between Aug. 28 and 31, with some being redirected to the wrong addressees.

"There is no evidence that mail contents were misused," the company says.

Affected customers can contact Softbank until the end of October on 0120-919-081.
WTF? No evidence that mail contents were misused? Like a guy is going to complain that he got divorced because the email to his mistress accidentally got delivered to his wife instead. Freaking priceless.