Monday, October 26, 2009

Android v. 1.6 arrives in Japan

UPDATE 10/28/2009: We received the update last night via wireless LAN.  It is how we expected.  We are now running Google Maps v. 3.1.2.

Docomo has announced that version 1.6 will be automatically downloaded OTA to all users of the HT-03A within the next week.  The update is 16 MB and will take approximately 5 minutes to download.  The download would cost you approximately ¥25,000 worth of data packets if a phone is not properly connected to the biz-hodai access point.  (According to DoCoMo, a phone connected to the wrong access point is now prevented from sending and receiving data, so there is no worry about an expensive data bill).

It is apparently possible to download via wireless LAN, but there is no way to guarantee that the update is downloaded this way.  If your phone gets the update while you are connected to 3G, you'll get the download over 3G (and max your data plan).

DoCoMo recommends to backup the phone's contacts and data before installing the update, just incase.

Major Features

  • Global search of the phone contents and internet from the home screen.
  • Ability to see battery usage by process.
  • Better navigation of the Market and YouTube.
  • One click to switch between camera and video.
  • Paid applications are now available in Japan.
  • Google latitude (we assume this means the new version of the Google Maps app.)

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