Friday, October 9, 2009

C|Net: The Google Android party has begun

SAN DIEGO--After two years of waiting, Google Android phones are finally hitting the market en masse.
In the past couple of months, nine devices using Google's mobile operating system have been announced, including the Motorola Cliq, which goes on sale in November, and the new Samsung Moment, which was announced Wednesday at the CTIA Fall 2009 trade show here. The pipeline is full of more Android devices, some of which have been confirmed and some that are still rumored to be in development.
"We are seeing a lot of interest in Android here," Kim Titus, a spokesman for Samsung, said Wednesday at theCTIA trade show, where the company is showing off its two Google Android handsets--the Samsung Moment and the Samsung Behold II. "I think these devices have an opportunity to become strong cross-over devices appealing both to business customers as well as to consumers and prosumers."
U.S. wireless operators are also jumping on the Google Android bandwagon. So far, T-Mobile USA, the smallest of the four nationwide carriers, has been the only U.S. wireless operator to offer Android devices. Once the Motorola Cliq and the Samsung Bold II launch, T-Mobile will be offering four different Google Android devices on its network.

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