Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gmail notifications are fixed. Paid apps and v 1.6 on the horizon?

We had noticed that there seemed to no longer be a problem with receiving push notifications for Gmail.  Just ran into a press released from a few days ago saying that the problem has been fixed and it was basically Google's problem, not NTT DoCoMo's.
As for v. 1.6, there is still no official word from DoCoMo. There is apparently a flyer (チラシ) being distributed to DoCoMo Shops indicating that 1.6 is soon to be available in Japan, but the two images are 404 (file not found).  It appears the update will be 60 MB and delivered OTA.  It is also said to include Latitude for Maps, so this likely means that we will officially be getting the latest version of Google maps.

The google Japan blog states that Japanese developers (who can read English) have the ability now to publish paid apps for purchase outside of Japan.  Google states that they are working to bring paid apps to the Japanese market.
日本のデベロッパーの皆さんは、Android マーケットを通じてエンドユーザーがアプリケーションを入手できる国であればどこでも、有料/無料のアプリを公開できるようになりました。ただし、日本のユーザーが入手できるのは無料のアプリケーションのみです。有料のアプリケーションもご利用いただけるよう改善に努めていますので、しばらくお待ちください


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