Monday, February 8, 2010

Apple iPad’s Tiny SIM Is Just There to Mess With You

It appears increasingly likely that this decision was driven not by space considerations (after all, the iPad is much larger than the iPhone), but rather by AT&T’s business strategy. This way, they can charge customers twice for 3G wireless data: Once for the iPhone, and once for the iPad.

This really makes one scratch the head.  From another wired story:
That iPad owners will likely consider taking a razor to the plastic SIM cards inside their iPhones, just so they can use the same portable data plan they’re already paying for, should tell you everything you need to know about the wireless data industry.

I guess I can see why Docomo is "studying the business model" of offering SIMs for unlocked devices.


  1. I've got a dual sim setup in my unlocked/jailbroken iPhone right now, and looking at the specs of the new micro-sim it appears that they match the measurements of my Softbank and ATT sim cards that I had to cut with my scissors to make the dual card work.

    Also, I've got an ipad with wifi, and for people with jailbroken iphones there are apps out there that turn your iphone into a hotspot. Meaning I can connect my ipad to the internet using my iphone which is pretty cool.

  2. So if I bring a US iPad 3G to Japan, can I use it or not?

  3. check this post:

    especially the comments and the edits I made to the original. Short answer: yes, it appears you can with a trimmed-down b-mobile SIM, but the b-mobile SIM is limited to 300 kbps and does not allow sustained streaming, so no youtube or skype over 3G.