Monday, February 1, 2010

Why do we not get the latest and greatest android phones in Japan?

Was another question from a reader.
As usual in Japan they choose the most crap android phone......the magic (when there was the hero already available) and the x10 when there is the acer liquid and especially the motorola droid that are much better.
The Real Deal With Hardware has a nice comparison of some of these phones, and it seems that the X10 is the clear winner in many categories, especially when compared to the Acer Liquid.


  1. The X10 is a good phone, but is old.
    The liquid and the droid are out since Xmas....the x10 will be out in April. For that time much more android phone will be out. I think they just waited too much for the official release.

    I do think that the droid is far away better.

    My 2 cent

  2. I wouldn't call the X10 old already.

    It will actually have slightly better specs than the current "king of android phones", the Nexus One (except for the OS version). Should be enough to still be among the top devices in 3 months. IMHO the droid's only "better" if you want/need a hardware keyboard.

  3. the x10 has android 1.6 (old), doesn't have a oled screen (old), has only 256 of ram (old).
    The only good thing is the camera, but we know that 8mp with a so compact lens is useless..
    Moreover is not Google Experience, so it means that we probably will never see android 2.1 and they took more than 6 months to adapt the version 1.6...

    This of course is just my opinion.

  4. I think I have to agree with Martin on this one.

    Looks like it has 384 MB of RAM (according to Docomo's press release), which is more than the Droid or the Liquid. Neither the Droid or the Liquid has an OLED screen. Only the N1 has OLED and more RAM (512).

    I heard that it will ship with 2.0, but I consider this information less reliable than the other things I've heard.

  5. The point is that droid and liquid went out in late november. The X10 will go out in late april. 5 month of difference technologically speaking is really a lot.
    Now the new standard is the N1..far away better than the X10.

    Said that, I respect your opinions of course, everybody is free to think and buy what they think is better for them.

  6. I agree with you about the release date. I really wonder what's taking them so long - after already presenting working X10 prototypes to the press more than 2 months ago.

    Actually, I bought a Nexus and I'm pretty happy with it. But if the X10 was available earlier this month, I would have preferred it. Bigger, higher res screen, bigger battery, more onboard ROM, better cam (8mp, face detection). And don't get me started on the OLED .. it looks great indoors .. but in broad daylight the damn thing turns into a 530$ makeup mirror ..

  7. Wow really? I did not know about this the oled screen is unusable outdoor?

  8. It's not THAT bad.

    The sun is the Nexus' nemesis. I recently tried the "worst case" scenario and took it on a skying trip. Bright sunlight + lots of snow = unusable phone without finding some cover. Sure, these were bad conditions for any display, but IMHO my previous phones (1st-gen iPhone, HTC Magic) could handle them better.

    On the other hand under more "normal" lighting you're usually OK with cranking up the brightness .. and indoors the OLED looks downright gorgeous.

    For me it's no deal-breaker .. just something you should be aware of when buying one.