Friday, March 19, 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to go on sale April 1

NTT Docomo announced that the Xperia will go on sale on April 1st, but the price was not announced.
NTTドコモは、ソニー・エリクソン・モバイルコミュニケーションズ株式会社製「Xperia™」の日本市場向け新モデル、ドコモ スマートフォン Xperia™を、2010年4月1日(木曜)より発売いたします。
The rest of the press release is just filler espousing all the wonderful things you can do with the Xperia, that is, nothing we didn't already know.

I will be out of the country for the next week, so while more details are certain to be released shortly, alas, I won't be here to tell you about it.  But, I'm sure you guys will survive just fine ;-)

Hat tip to Justin Chan.


  1. Apparently its coming with 1.6 Android, so no multi-touch. Also lacks the AMOLED screen of the Nexus/Desire. I'm planning to give it a miss myself.

  2. Yeah, everything I've seen is indeed pointing to 1.6, at least initially, so that is a disappointment. While an OLED screen is the tops in terms of technology, the iPhone's LCD screen beats the nexus one in terms of performance. And OLED screens are horrible in sunlight, as widely reported and as commenters here have mentioned. So, at this point, the lack of OLED may not be such a bad thing.

    My biggest issue with it is that it is just do darn... big. The samples at the Docomo stores are roughly the correct weight, and after slipping it - er, plunking it into my pocket, I realized that it is just outside of the size/weight range I find acceptable.

  3. I've gotten to use the X10 for around 30 minutes this weekend at a Docomo event at a local Aeon Mall... it's pretty damn slick for being "old".

    The screen is far more eye-popping than the screen on the iPhone, everything looks really slick, but the lack of i-mode mail and emoji is disappointing. Typing is also a bit strange, since the phone doesn't have multitouch with 1.6, so if you type at iPhone speed, most of the letters you type won't pop up.

    The GPS is also kinda off, as opposed to eerily accurate with my SH-06A, but that's not such a big deal.

    The price being listed at the LABI electronics store yesterday was ¥40,000-ish, so it's not overly expensive either.

  4. Xperia X10 was reviewed and overally liked (with exceptions of keyboard and 1.6 version of Anrdoid OS) by Engadget. Here link:

  5. How easy is docomo making it to upgrade the android OS? Does it just take a synchronization with a PC and a reflash?

    And the Nexus One: can it connect to either docomo or softbank 3G here? An unlocked Nexus One with a SIM from JCI (MVNO) seems like the only predictable android experience. I just don't trust Sony-Ericsson and docomo to not cripple the OS.

  6. Docomo has only had one update so far to its only android phone (until the x1o is available), the ht-03a aka magic, sapphire, my touch 3G. This was an OTA (over the air) update that came in at aroudn 60 mb or so. I have a post on it here somewhere.

    As for the N1, checkout the overseas phone label in the left column. It can get on softbank but not docomo with some hoop-jumping.

    Everything I've read about the x10 indicates that it is a fully functioning android OS with the SE UI on top, nothing more nothing less. With the ht-03a, Docomo made absolutely no changes - it shipped with a perfectly stock 1.5 and got the normal 1.6 update OTA.