Wednesday, April 21, 2010

b-mobile SIM working with android eclair devices

According to this post (Japanese), the b-mobile SIM is apparently compatible with HTC devices running eclair 2.1. The poster claims to have a developer phone running open eclair that is working with the b-mobile SIM and concludes that the G1/Dream and ht-03a/magic would also work with eclair-based ROMs.

So it appears that there is something with some HTC devices running 1.6 that is preventing them from working. I have no freaking idea what.

The guy also mentions he heard someone with an HTC tattoo running 1.6 was able to connect. I did a little searching and ran into a 2ch thread:
479 :白ロムさん[sage]:2010/04/11(日) 01:32:42 ID:7Rg5UahX0
HTC Tattooで開通した。


Basically, he claims to have got it working on a tattoo with 1.6 through a convoluted process and what sounds like a lot of voodoo involving multiple restarts; getting the phone stuck in airplane mode; putting in another SIM card; turning the phone off; putting back in the b-mobile SIM; and then... um, feeling that airplane mode had the tendency to be off. Then he played with a bunch of settings to no avail; set up the phone according to the instructions; left home; came back; and found it inexplicably connected, haha.
253 :白ロムさん[sage]:2010/04/06(火) 21:38:39 ID:fgmTsjI9P

My HT-03a with a custom 1.6-based ROM couldn't connect.
But I flashed a 2.1-based ROM and could.
504 :HT-03A使い[sage]:2010/04/11(日) 16:41:57 ID:QKI+c1Hs0
ベースバンドファームを にフラッシュしたけど

あきらめて Eclair で接続中。もっさー

I prepared my self for creating a paper weight and flashed the base band (radio) but still couldn't connect with a 1.6 ROM. Gave up and am connected now with eclair.
This is the radio the guy flashed.


  1. got report it worked on Legally unlocked HTC Desire. (via twitter)

  2. In Japan?
    Can you please post a link to the twitter post? I'll be trying to get my HTC Desire working on B-Mobile in the next few days

  3. hope this helps, follow him (but he said his Desire is from UK unlocked one)

  4. I received my b-mobile sim this weekend and tested it into my HTC Hero (android 1.5, latest modaco cutsom rom 3.2 and baseband 63.18.5506JU_6.35.09.26 kernel 2.6.27).
    Data connection works but I cannot register on docomo network (error "your sim card does not allow a connection to this network").
    this is annoying because some service like location still need network registration to work. Otherwise the data connection works fine, but slow (but we knew that already).
    Anyone has the same issue?

  5. Hey there - been meaning to get up a new post on this but have been slammed with work.

    In short, I've been helping a guy get his G1 up and running with b-mobile and it was a real pain. Nothing worked at all with 1.6 ROMs. A ROM dumped from the Japanese developer day handset (magic) didn't work on the G1 (even though b-mobile officially supports the developer phone and has even been selling SIMs for it since last year).

    Our guy had the same error with you did.

    The 3G icon doesn't display even when it is connected.

    Can you expand on the location services problem - I guess you are saying that it can't use cell towers to get a position? Does the Hero have GPS? Are there services that GPS cannot compensate for?

    My guess is that it has to do with Docomo's presumed IMEI filtering. IIRC, the only handset officially supported by b-mobile are Docomo-banded, meaning the phones can fully connect to Docomo's network.

  6. Hi, and thx for the reply

    Concerning the location service, I can check two options in the settings->location menu :
    - Use wireless networks
    - Enable GPS satellites

    if I disable the first option, I can eventually get a location on google map using the GPS but it usually takes a long time (now I'm in a building so it does not work at all).

    I read on your blog about the IMEI filtering and considering my Hero was bought unlocked in Taiwan I guess this is the reason why I can't sign in the network.

    I checked the screen shots of the Desire from the post below and it looks like the guy has the same issue (no service message on the lock screen).

    That's too bad because besides this limitation the b-mobile sim is a good deal for occasional internet usage.

  7. What about wifi - Doesn't android use wifi also for location determination?

    Does the 3G icon show up on your phone? It doesn't show up for our guy using open eclair. (he finally got connected using open eclair)

  8. Actually, I don't think it does use wifi, but if it did that could be helpful unless of course you were going through a proxy on the other side of the planet...

  9. I think the "Use wireless networks" option in location settings refers to the GSM/UMTS network (UTMS in japan obviously). it would explain why the location service is not working so well if I cannot subscribe to the docomo networks.
    I'm not sure but I think this is the assisted GPS mode that most cell phone are using. I remember my 2G cellphone in Europe could get a basic location service using the cell towers.

    I dont know if android or google map app are using wifi networks to find its location, I usually switch off wifi to save battery.

  10. No 3G/H icons. I can see those icons when I use my softbank prepaid card to send a MMS so I know how it looks like.

    It's actually quite strange that we can connect to the data network but we cannot register to the "normal" network. I would have expected to be able to receive sms this way.

  11. Does anyone know of a guide to setting up an HTC Desire on B-Mobile?

    I received both my Desire from the UK today and my SIM but have not got a clue how to make it work beyond the instructions that come with the SIM card!

  12. I have a HTC Desire with official 2.2 Rom. Got my bmobile dataonly SIM today, which took a day from ordering via hotel concierge to delivering (if I'm not mistaken the 1 month card can't be bought in stores?).
    Anyways, after setting the APN and figuring out that I have to call that support number and enable the card, I got it running with the know limitations. It acts as if it would have no network, although it can transmit data fine. Regarding the whole location thing, don't think normal network AGPS works, but WIFI enabled helps a lot in tokyo. If you're somewhat near houses it gives you a decent guess if your position.

  13. Lack of 3G is likely do to the lack of a circuit switch component. According to someone in the know:

    "As most SIMs (even data only ones) will have SMS at least, certain features on devices (such as displaying "3G" symbols can require a circuit switched attachment.)"