Monday, April 19, 2010

Rooted and running latest stable cyanogen ROM

I used the goldcard I made this weekend to root my HT-03a. Really wasn't that big of a deal at all. I could have done it quite quickly but decided to take my time to make sure I didn't flash the wrong file and brick the phone.

If any one cares, I followed this procedure by Amon_RA. It was a little disconcerting that there were no checksums for many of the files, though. The same procedure is outlined in more detail and in easier-to-consume-for-linux-noobs format at the (If you follow TheUnlockr's text, be sure to keep reading to the second page - I just read through the first page and was puzzled why the rooting procedure seemed to end with the flashing of a 32A ROM for a phone with a 32B board.)

Aside from that, I haven't done much else except to install SetCPU to play around with overclocking. Maybe I'll add a swap partition to the SD - still on the fence about that, or perhaps swipe 10MB from the GPU for RAM.

I'd like to hear any app, theme, ROM suggestions. A friend suggested several of the eclair-based ROMs, but since HTC hasn't released the firmware yet, and CM seems to be the most popular, I figured I'd just run with CM for now.


  1. Share your thoughts about the transition. Was it worth doing, and if so what made it worth the effort?

  2. I'll have to get back to you on that one ;) Haven't used the phone enough yet. It does seem snappier, though.

    If I chose, I can use a swap partition. I can now take screenshots without using ddms from the SDK (though it is easiest to use ddms when I want said screenshots on my computer). I can make a full backup of the phone. I always got permission denied errors when doing adb install or push (even pushing to the SD card was permission denied) - that is no more. The way I used to install apk's was by downloading them directly to the phone.

    It seems that the setCPU app will be helpful for conserving battery when I am running low but need to meet someone somewhere. On the otherhand, the reason I am low on battery could be because I set the CPU to max ;)

    I'll repeat what everyone told me - that it really isn't hard at all. Perhaps a bit confusing will all the different phone revisions and SPLs (bootloaders). Reading carefully is required. Knowing you bought the docomo insurance to replace the phone if you brick it helps. Being comfortable with unix command line is also helpful.

    It is really interesting how many people that are doing this sort of thing are using windows. I had always assumed the majority would be linux geeks, since we're talking about the linux kernel on a phone...

  3. What about multi-touch? Does your mod have that working yet?

  4. Wow this is quite the interesting idea.
    I think I'll root my phone today and see what CM is like.

    Quick question: I presume that I'll have to re-add the Mopera-u biz-houdai APNs once i've loaded CM on... correct?

  5. yes you will. Just copy down the information. The details of docomo's APN are well known as docomo doesn't use a password and username but rather other means to control who connects to the APN. In my post about b-mobile working on xperia, you can even see that b-mobile included the APN address for docomo in their PDF.

    BTW, MCC = mobile country code = 440 for Japan and MNC = mobile network code = 10 for Docomo. Both CM and open eclair automatically detected and filled these in these values. The only thing I had to specify was the APN address.

    You will also need to load an IME for Japanese. Directions and files for getting the HTC IME installed are here. This is the original IME that HTC released. I don't know if it has since been updated.

    I actually didn't bother installing the HTC IME because I prefer simeji, which is a very simple download from the market.

    Take your time and read the directions carefully before you start. Download all the files and check the MD5 sums (when available). The latest recovery image from Amon_RA is here. It has more features than the one listed in the guide. NOTE: use the H recovery during the initial rooting procedure, but when you flash the G recovery when reverting to 32B radio and rom, you could just put in the newer recovery image.

    Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no way to backup your phone before rooting. So I don't think you can revert back to Docomo's ROM. So, you're warranty will be voided and if you have trouble, you won't be able to take it to the Docomo store, since they will see you've hacked it.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I managed to make a GoldCard on my Mac during lunch, so I'll try the root after work.
    Just to clarify:
    Can you use the newer 32A H recovery 1.6.2 to root the phone? Or does it need to be the old H version (1.1.0) listed in the guide?
    Once it's rooted, you can then use the 32B G (1.6.2) recovery to flash it?

    Also, do you have any simple instructions on how to flash Cyanogen's Mod?

  7. im the guy who rooted HT03A and commented here before. (currently using nexus one)
    i think it worth coz can do tethering, unlock or overclock. CM has latest UI with Updater.
    But i made the gold disk by hex editor..

  8. for ht-03a, follow directions from here:

  9. Hey there mimazda, how have you been. What ROM are you running on the nexus one? have you tried any eclair ROMs on the HT03a? Because I am not aware of any hex editors for mac that could directly overwrite sectors like that - though I am sure they exist - I just used the unix command dd. I'd prefer to use one shell command as opposed to downloading an entire application ;)

    Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of any Docomo customer getting caught by docomo for tethering? 勿論、tetheringをしたいけど、ちょっと怖い。パソコンは端末と比べて、変なパケットを、変なポートで送信するから、ドコモに捕まっちゃう可能性が高いのじゃないかと思っている。そうになったら、パケット通信請求には、すごいことになって、うちのかみさんに殺されちゃうwwww

  10. Wow that's for the verbose tips.

    I had absolutely no issues creating a goldcard. I followed your instructions to the letter and it (seemingly) worked perfectly.
    I've got copied to my goldcard, but have not attempted to run it yet. also (RAv1.1.0H 32A) is ready to go on a spare card.
    I'll check the checksums after work.

    Thanks for the reminder about fastboot. I've added the tools path so it should be pretty straight-forward.

    I think I'm going to "virtually" go through each of the steps to ensure I understand them, before I do it for real. I may end up creating some sort of combined guide that takes one through the entire process, from creating a goldcard, flashing the SPL and loading CM.

    I suppose I'll figure it out eventually, but when Android 2.0 is finally release OTA, i'd have to remove CM and re-install Android 1.6 before un-rooting to receive the update... right?
    Although I suppose for that to happen, HTC will have released the Magics firmware, which means it'll probably be just as easy to keep it rooted and load 2.0 straight from the Android website?

  11. hi, i never heard of DoCoMo captures it, i believe maximum fee is 13,500 JPY. even use any port / any devices. But Softbank obviously does it (by UA). I'm keeping My N1 as factory setting, afraiding to mess up my cute N1...ぶっ壊れたら泣いちゃいます I've heard OpenEclair is not so bad but never tried it.

  12. Yeah, it's a slow day at work ;)

    I thought about creating a guide, but figured I'd just leave links to other sites where all the discussion is located. But if you do feel like writing one up and don't have a place to post it, I'll post it on this blog if you like.

    It appears that HTC is going to skip 2.0 for the magic and release 2.1 firmware - guess that docomo guy I talked to was pretty much wrong on that. But, docomo was pretty slow in sending out the 1.6 OTA. My guess is that other carriers will get it first and CM will have a proper 2.1 ROM ready before docomo sends out the update.

    And I'm pretty confident that you won't care to install anything that comes from Docomo after using CM. Also, Docomo included a more rigorous lock on the SIM with 1.6 that can't be unlocked by an IMEI-generated code. If you are running a custom ROM you can unlock by IMEI code, so that alone makes it worth it if you travel abroad and want to use the phone with a local carrier.

  13. I too have heard that softbank does. And while docomo may not be looking - if their network got strained they could start 泣. I remember they warned me when I got the ht-03a that if they determined I was tethering, they would bill me for it - don't remember how much or if it would be for the uncapped rate. I've heard stories of softbank charging the uncapped rates to people they caught tethering, and the bill was around 10万!!

    I am running open eclair now but trying to find the best setting for swap. It is much slower than CM but very nice.

  14. ya, better avoid anything to violate law & term... ;(
    anyway, DISQUS has no notification function? (like when somebody comment me... :)

  15. hmmmm. having a bit of a problem. I got the goldcard and '' loaded via HBOOT. It loaded and flashed the phone with no problems.
    Now I've got my second SD card loaded with the 1.33.2005 recovery image copied as ''

    I boot the phone into FASTBOOT and connect it to my Mac. It changes to FASTBOOT USB.
    From Terminal I run 'fastboot devices', and it returns: Permission Denied
    I try to run 'adb devices', and it doesn't list any devices......

    Pretty confused right now. Perhaps I should try these steps with my PC instead?
    This site mentions that when a new ROM is loaded, the device ID changes.... the site gives suggestions on how to fix that in Windows, but not OSX.

  16. edited to replace x's with *'s

  17. Well it turns out my permissions for the file are all wrong... one of these days I'll fix it (im not too clued up on the linux/unix environment)
    My PC turned out to be a pretty reliable alternative. I'm now successfully running CM with all the trimmings. Thanks a lot for all your help.

    The interface feels a lot snappier. Even with Home++ installed.

  18. glad to hear it worked. if you ever updated from 10.4 to 10.5, permissions could be wacky, though this is different than individual file permissions.

  19. odd. i started on 10.5. But upgraded to 10.6 when SL came out... possibly the same thing?... ah well

  20. Just a little update (for those who might be curious about it), I just updated to CyanogenMod5 v5.0.7 (experimental) which runs a full-featured Eclair 2.1 OS.
    So far it's running pretty smooth. Some new features, but haven't had much time to play around. So far just happy that all my standard stuff works.

    A little disappointed as I just discovered there is a ScummVM emulator out there, but it only seems to work on v1.5/1.6.... and here I was being all hasty to upgrade to 2.1.

  21. After you've had time to play with it a bit, let us know what you think of it.

  22. CM problem is can't change google account when its activated once. (even do factory reset), the only way is re-install ROM: confirmed it from official forum. (and CM updater doesn't change account settings) This makes me headaches. sometime i want to try alternative gmail account on my HT03A...

  23. The CM5.0.7 final came out yesterday (or day before?), flashed it, running fine. I also flashed the 1.7.0 amon_ra recovery a few days earlier which has some extra features but not that much.

    It's so easy after the first rooting to get the updates :) I pretty much just download them directly to the microSD and flash, 3 minutes later back up and running.

    About the wifi tether. When I was on 5.0.7-T5 I was able to use my iPad on starbucks for 1.5 hours straight, the HT-03A stayd cool and I had about 75% of the battery left. The trick might be to not use the encryption, just mac address filtering. Everything I use pretty much uses either SSH or HTTPS so there's not much reason to encrypt the traffic.

  24. Yeah, saw that, but browsed the changelog and see that there is still not phonetic reading support for organizing Japanese contacts, so that is a deal breaker for me - can't find who I want to call when I have to search through 100+ names in kanji that are sorted by character code.

    Good to know that wifi tether seems to be doing better on battery usage. Maybe this has been fixed. I'll need to give it a try, with and without encryption. As far as I remember, the encryption is only WEP (?), so it is not even worth using it for real security.