Wednesday, May 19, 2010

B-mobile wifi for iPad

EDIT: I see now, you buy the router and slip in any SIM card you want. The TOS are for the U SIM 300, which is why there are the same...

B-mobile announced the b-mobile wifi, a 3G wifi router for the iPad or any other wifi-enabled device. It will cost ¥19,800 and come with unlimited data transfer at unrestricted, full 3G speeds in is usable with any SIM card, such as b-mobile's U SIM 300 prepaid plans for 12, 6 and 1 months. Details of data plan pricing have not been released. At the end of the post are the terms of service (in Japanese). Basically, it is very similar to their SIM product in terms of p2p, throttling of streams, and the 3 day 3 million packet cap. So, don't expect to be able to watch youtube or use skype with it.

Thanks to "likethesite"

  • Up to 5 connected devices
  • 7.2Mbps up 5.8Mbps down
  • IEEE802.11b/g
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPS encryption
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    HSUPA/HSDPA/WCDMA: 800/2100MHz
  • 4 hour battery life
  • 80 grams (with battery installed)
・迷惑メール対策としてOutbound Port25 Blockingを実施しています。


  1. it looks like it comes with the 300kbps b-mobile sim. Its the router for 19800 then you add b-mobile SIM plans on top of that (so existing b-mobileSIM users can just buy the router).

  2. Yeah, you're right - thanks for the clarification. Updated post.

  3. Too bad Docomo didn't bring it out, just for kicking Softbank's balls.
    Best would be a cable connecting it to the iPad as a power source.

  4. Docomo seem to allow tethering officially from June.

  5. Hmmm, they're dropping the price from ¥13,650 per month to ¥10,395.

    Still quite expensive, but a computer will use much more packets than a smartphone, so it makes since that the unlimited rate would be more expensive.

  6. That might mean they have a Android 2.2 device coming up...

  7. This has a limit of "...3 day 3 million packet cap. So, don't expect to be able to watch youtube or use skype with it."

    Are these numbers not correct?

    1 packet = 128 bytes
    1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte (KB)
    1 KB = 8 packets
    1MB = 1024KB = 8192packets

    3day/3million packet
    366MB in three days

    That seems to be enough for 100 SD youtube 4-minute music videos over three days -- or 10 HD videos.

    Of course, the eMobile competitor has no limits (no throttling, no monthly data cap, 5 devices connected simultaneously) and costs about 5,000 yen a month. What I don't understand is if eMobile can offer such huge monthly data rates at 5,000 yen a month, why can't b-mobile come up with some MUCH better data plans.

  8. Greg, see here for the bandwidth info.

    I totally dropped the ball when I originally wrote this post (as pointed out by the first commenter) because I was distracted. I missed the point that this is simply a router, nothing more nothing less. It is a SIM free handset that does nothing except for broadcast a wifi signal for the simple purpose of tethering anything that has wifi (computer, ipad, ipod, etc).

    It has quad band GSM and both the 800 and 2100 W-CDMA.

    So, it is technically usable on just about any carrier in the world except Verizon in the US and AU in Japan. Of course, in Japan, you're only choice is b-mobile. In that case, you use the b-mobile SIM. The reason you can't use youtube or skype is NOT the 3 million packet limit but the throttle that b-mobile imposes on their SIM.

    Of course, if you take it to another country that doesn't have a bassackwards cell industry, you could use it a full 3G speeds with any carrier's data SIM.

    The beauty of b-mobiles device is its compatibility and lack of a SIM lock. emobile uses odd frequencies.

  9. And here it is:

    Also, Dell will bring out this little gadget here: Still unknown if it comes to Japan as well, but if then most unlikely via Docomo or Softbank. So where to get a SIMcard from? The b-mobile one will not be sufficient any more I guess...

  10. Just did a quick look. Existing b flets subscribers will also qualify. Add 200 yen and you get access to flet's spot wifi hot spots, which are in most stations and coffee shops.

  11. For the records, I just got a BMobile U300 SIM card, chopped it up nicely, stuck it into my US-purchased iPad 3G, and it works quite nicely.

    For the gaijin who bought their iPad abroad (or travelers from overseas), if BMobile's restricted speed is enough for you ¥2980 prepaid per one month of unlimited data, combined with a good pair of scissors is your best option :-)