Friday, June 25, 2010

Android 2.2 to arrive soon via Cyanogen Mod 6

As reader Vin mentioned, Android 2.2 froyo source code was released on the 23th. The same day Cyanogen announced via twitter that he has begun work on CM-6 for the following handsets: Nexus One, Droid, Dream, Magic, Desire, Evo, and Slide.

If anyone is still wondering if it is worth voiding your phone's warranty, obtaining root access, and flashing a new operating system onto your old HTC phone, like the ht-03a, I can unequivocally say it damn sure is worth it.

Unless of course you like waiting for handset makers and carriers to get around to providing updates.


  1. Depends. I like Mediascape and the Youtube app on my X10; if I have to lose them for root, then no, it's not worth it. BTW, does the Cyanogen distro include stuff like the Gmail application?

  2. fair enough, though you won't necessarily have to give that up. Just 2 days ago, the Xperia finally got rooted.

    Pretty soon, you could have the xperia UI on top os 2.2, keeping mediascape, etc.

    Right now, CM doesn't support xperia. CM got a cease and desist letter from google to remove the google apps from the ROM. So CM only includes the open source stuff (gmail, maps, etc. are proprietary). But, the apps are packaged into a second zip. First you flash the zip with just the ROM, then you flash the g-apps after that.

    Right now, not sure if CM has plans to support xperia. My guess is 'probably'.

  3. I know it got rooted; that's the reason I've been thinking about it lately. And yes, I agree that newer is better - and who would not like the improved speed of the JIT compiler in 2.2? But as much as people seem to hate on the SE software, I do find the core X10 stuff very useful, and I'd miss it.

    If there's a way to extract those apps before installing another OS version and then put them back then that would be great. I'm not too sure that it would be doable, though. At the very least I suspect we'd really want the SE 2.1 update this fall as the base for further upgrades.

  4. Cool news. Too bad softbank has no stock of any android phones now...or for the last like 3 months!

  5. If I have to loose my HTC sense UI it's not worth it either :-p

  6. Thanks for the comments on what sense offers. Indeed, anything would be better than the stock cut-and-paste function.

    I am not sure what is included in the stock nexus one, but with my magic running CM-5 (2.1 eclair based), I have support for scrolling widgets and photo sharing on picasa from the photo gallery.

    The UI differences are minimal between 2.1 eclair and 2.2 froyo, it appears 3.0/2.3 (?) Gingerbread is where the UI will get the major tweaks. It sounds as if google plans to mimic the best bit of the proprietary UIs (they can't include them because they are not open source) in the stock android UI.

    The problem I have with the maker's UIs is that it makes it less attractive for developers because they have more headaches. I remember reading somewhere that on one UI, the call for something like the GPS would activate a completely different function and as a result, the app developer got low ratings and negative comments from users.

    Developers only reasonably have access to the SDK for testing apps, so they don't know what weirdness is going to happen on all the UIs until the app gets in the wild.

    And right now it is all about the developers - if Android apps rival what is available for iPhone, Android becomes much more attractive.

  7. Mainly the HTC widgets are much better than stock widgets because you can actually scroll them,
    they also look much better (ex : animated weather, bookmarks, contacts...)
    also HTC copy paste, is much better and easier to use than google's version.
    Also if you remove sense you actually also remove, HTC browser, gallery, contact manager, weather app, calendar and friend stream,
    because all those applications have been improved by HTC, i don't see myself switching rom.

    I got the desire mainly for the sense UI, otherwise I would have choosen the nexus one,
    plus I can still install nexus one's applications if needed. the otherway around is much more complicated to do.
    for now only I think only the nexus one "photo gallery" is better than HTC gallery (there is no picasa sync, only flikker), that's why I installed it.

    I did not see any differences between 2.1 and 2.2 UI, to what changes are you referring too?

  8. I think scrolling widgets are not supported by the official google SDK, so any widget using scrolling is probably custom made,
    which of course is the main problem for every developpers :-)

    Yes I totally agree that it would be better for everyone to have a google open source superb UI,
    but for now HTC and Sony have are doing a better job,

    agreed, it definetly needs to change to compete with the iphone

  9. OFFICIAL announcement of ETA date for Froyo on the Desire, Legend, and Wildfire... 3Q.

    Here's to hoping that they mean July 1st (tomorrow) as 3Q and not Sept. 30th. =P

  10. And perhaps an experimental release of CM-6 for Droid and N1 by the weekend.

  11. I completed root for my xperia yesterday, but I am concerned about the data plan. Obviously you are someone who has spent time customizing your ht-03a. When you put in the APN info for 3G, what do you enter? I got some information for the fields from this site: (the info I got is from post 521). However, there was all this mopera u stuff on the phone previously, and it seemed like a lot of material for just 3 fields' worth of info. Am I missing something? Data is working fine, but I don't want to get a million-yen bill at the end of the month.

    You mention in a recent entry that IMEI filtering is used for data plans; in this sense changing the rom doesn't have any effect on the IMEI afaik. Any advice would be helpful!


    Here's an article written by someone who basically did the same procedure and says that the server listed in the previous link I posted targets the パケホーダイダブル定額 plan that I have listed on my bill. I assume you've used this information for the roms you have used in your ht-03a, and have not had your data fee go up as a result. Can you confirm anything like this?

  13. @km, how did it work out for you?

    Can you post some info on what you did and specifics to the Japanese version, like what board it is, etc. I guess are now without the UI. Thoughts? How about emailing me some screenshots?

  14. Wow dude, that is an awesome write up! It is very useful to know that the UI elements are still there, e.g. for the above poster Janne.

    Thanks for putting all the detail into it. It deserves a post of its own. Do you mind if I do that, giving you credit of course. For a screenshot, can you send something showing ADW Launcher on xperia (which is the default in CM-5.0.8) and the set CPU widget? I keep one on my home screen to see what the battery temp is and how the CPU is currently scaling.

    I understand the issues with XDA threads. Is this the one you were referring to?

    Notice the OP says at the very top: "PLEASE DO NOT FILL THIS THREAD
    . haha

    That is good that you were able to get some confirmation from Japanese language sources. For the benefit of those who can't read enough Japanese, would you also mind writing up (if you have the time - I can see you've already put a lot of work into rooting and writing this comment) the steps you followed. Bare bones would be fine, like an outline for people that are confused.

    Thanks again!
    And welcome to root.

  15. Of course that's fine! I have emailed a few screenshots to you separately. Hope the following information helps, feel free to edit it to your needs:

    Unlike many of the developers who were working on rooting the phone (most of whom are in Europe from what I can gather), I live in Japan and depend on my phone working properly with full Japanese support on Docomo's network. I was able to glean from a few Japanese websites that people had successfully rooted the phone and still retained full functionality, although there were far more search results from cautious people who said they hadn't tried it yet. I searched the Japanese interwebs to find APN information for Docomo's network, since it wasn't listed in the APN lists provided at XDA. The APN information is used to connect to Docomo's 3G data network. Here's how to enter the settings:

    Open the application list and tap the "Settings" application icon, and then choose "Wireless Settings" > "Mobile Network" > "Access Point Name". Then press the left menu key and choose "New APN". You can put anything for the name. For the field "APN", enter "" (minus quotations of course). For MCC, enter 420, and for MNC, enter 10. These are the only settings you need to enter. Afterward, press the menu key and choose "Save". You will be returned to the menu and your new connection will be listed. Tap it and the blue circle will highlight, and then you should be able to connect to Docomo's APN and use the same data plan as before. I cannot guarantee this until I receive my bill from Docomo next month, but I do have confirmation from both Japanese sources and the owner of this website that these settings are correct.

    For tethering, the application Barnacle Wifi Tether is available in the Android Market. It will not work "out of the box", as you need to set the LAN device in the settings to "athwlan0".

    It seems that some CPU scaling is implemented into the recent roms from Sony Ericcson, but you can be more proactive about reducing CPU speeds (and thus reducing the current drawn from the battery) by using the application SetCPU. You won't know the difference when using the phone because the scaling is implemented when the screen is off. Create the following profiles by following the instructions in this thread over at xda:

    Now, a final point of caution: some people (myself included) will want to remove several of the bundled apps that came with the phone. You can do this with one of the many cleanup scripts available in the xda forums. I personally removed the Moxier suite of applications, along with the Korean and Chinese keyboards, PlayNow, and a couple of other annoying programs in my applications list. However, I accidentally deleted the excellent POBox Touch keyboard that allowed fast and easy switching between Japanese and English input. Be weary of following the cleanup script instructions you find without taking a look and understanding what you are removing with each instruction, and be sure to backup to SD before deleting. This should definitely be the last consideration when you root your phone, as it is not strictly necessary, nor does it provide any functionality other than a few more free megabytes of storage and a cleaner applications menu. As I mentioned, removing Mediascape and Timescape is probably not a wise decision for now since they are so firmly tied with the Rachael UI.