Sunday, July 11, 2010

CyanogenMod 6 (2.2 Froyo) release candidate available

CyanogenMod-6.0.0 RC1

The link to the change log was broken so here it is.

Just flashed but haven't done much with it yet, but there is good news:
  • According to the change long, wysie contacts has finally been ported from Android 1.6 meaning we now have proper support for furigana in contacts again!
  • Docomo's APN is now added to the official APN list (because I added it ;-)), so the proper APN was automatically set.
Remember to backup your current ROM, and best to also use Titanium backup for your apps so you don't download them all from the market again. And don't forget to wipe!

So far the things are aren't working so well are:
  • Titanium backup isn't able to do a batch reinstall of applications
  • The market force closes a lot but it's not impossible to down load an app - just a pain.
  • Simeji sometimes freaks out and rapidly flips between English and Japanese input.


  1. This is the worst Cyanogen ROM I had to work with ever.

  2. Well, it is a release candidate of an OS version that was never intended to work on the original android handsets.

    Typically, are you usually using the stable releases, or are you tinkering with the experimental and nightly builds? This is the first time I've used anything other than a stable CM version, and while it does has some issues, I am actually surprised at how well it is working.

    I've read a few places that flashing an older version of google apps fixes the market crashes, but for now, I have all my needed apps backed up and was able to install using Titanium backup or from the command line.

    Titanium backup failed to install protected apps like ぐるなび, but that was easily done from the command line.

  3. Had it for a few moments but then uninstalled due the market fc's. Maybe next one :)

  4. Got it working properly. The trick was using the wipe from fastboot, not just from the ROM (fastboot erase system -w). Apps were restored automatically by the google's own backup. Joy.

    Oh and the RC2 has been out for awhile already.

  5. Yeah, RC2 is really really really fast.