Monday, July 5, 2010

Poll on changing the name of this blog

EDIT: wow, how many typos can I manage to slide into one poll? The correct answer would be two. I guess that's what happens when you're in a hurry.

I've added a poll to the sidebar, if most people think the name should be changed, then that is probably the best thing to do. Comments are also welcome here.

Should this blog get a new name?

  • Yes, the it isn't about Softbank and the name is lame
  • No, even though the focus change, karma's a b****
  • Meh, I don't care


  1. Yes,
    Although it is catchy and makes sense.

  2. I think a new name would be good it might bring in more users but I don't care too much either way as long as I can still find the blog.

  3. The blog is too good for the name. I vote to change it to something more descriptive. Make sure you let the current readers know the new address though :)

  4. The only thing is that sometimes I hesitate before linking to one of your articles because I'm afraid someone would just discard it as biased and/or angry because of the name.
    But... this apart, I dont really care.

  5. Well, at this rate, I won't need to leave the poll open for another month...

  6. Do you have suggestions wrt a plan for migration to wordpress?

  7. Do you have a new focus defined? Is it just android? Or japan mobile with a focus on android? Keep in mind the coming tablets will be able to use android, ChromeOS, and ubuntu. I think mobileinjapan is a great name -- highly flexible and to the point, but they tend to be iPhone heavy and update less often than you at times.

    I would think any combination of two or three short keywords might be memorable, easy to pass along verbally, not too long, and flexible:
    keitai mobile Japan Yamato risingsun nihon/nippon pocket slates tablets mini . . .


  8. Focus? We don't need no stink'n focus!

    Seriously, that is a good question. I heard a story, perhaps true perhaps not ,of a progressive uni in the US that built a new campus and didn't create any sidewalks. Rather, they waited to see what paths were worn and built walkways in those areas, letting the flow of traffic dictate the path.

    Which is similar to how this blog has evolved. I quickly realized that there was near zero info in English related to smartphones that aren't the iPhone. And I'm a strong supporter of Android, obviously.

    So if there were a focus, it would be on any and all things that relevant to English-speaking Android users in Japan, which would include SIM (un)locking, as well as products and services offered by carriers. And then of course the flow dictates that there is interest in the iPad and hence 3G SIMs and routers.

    Short answer: still figuring out the focus.

  9. How about 人造人間 スポット日本 (Jinzō ningen supotto Nippon) Japan Android Spot

  10. it looks like is available.

    here are some directions for migrating to wordpress

  11. Thanks for the links. I'll check 'em out.

  12. i'm all for keeping it - because that's still very much true, and it very much captures a big chunk of android users. Thanks for all the effort, appreciate your helpful responses and updates!