Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unlocked iPhone likely coming to Docomo next April, via Hong Kong

Some quick quotes from NTT Docomo's CEO, who gave the keynote speech yesterday at the Wireless 2010 exposition, during which he expressed optimism for SIM unlocking from the next fiscal year. From the Nikkei:

From April 2011, we will include unlocked handsets in our lineup. While we will not be able to unlock current handsets, any Docomo shop will have unlocked phones.
He also went on to confirm that the current generation of smartphones will not be unlocked by Docomo, but that users would have to wait for the next generation to go on sale from April.
As of now, he is thinking to offer the same service plans for any phone brought to Docomo from another carrier.
And finally, something concrete on overseas smartphones:

Also of interest is whether overseas smartphones will be supported. There are a number of appealing handsets not available in Japan. In response to the question whether these will be useable on Docomo's network "will depend on if they are certified for use in Japan."
Few overseas phones bear the certification seal. However, since April 28 of this year, the MIC has stated that "the mark only needs to be displayed on the screen [as opposed to being physically present on the handset]." The unlocked Hong Kong version of the iPhone does not currently physically bear the mark but does display it under the "certification" information setting.
So there you have it Big Al, the reason I kept saying to wait to buy that HTC Desire in Germany until you knew for sure if/when it could be used on Docomo and under what conditions.

Maybe the first Android app I write will be one that displays the Japanese wireless certification mark ;-)


  1. Will it do as JPG background as well :D?

  2. I suppose the device must have gone through some actual testing to receive certification though right? Is there any way of finding out which Android phones actually are certified for use in Japan? Might be time to start a Wiki or something. ^^