Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yahoo Japan announces plans to use Google search engine

Yahoo in the US will begin using Microsoft's "Bing" search engine - hey, at least someone will be using it. This opened the door for Yahoo Japan, which is an entirely separate entity, to look into a new search Engine. Softbank owns about 40% of Yahoo Japan, I believe.

There was speculation over the past few days that such an announcement of a google-yahoo search tie-up in Japan was imminent. Google, who dominates search world wide only has about 30% of the market in Japan. Yahoo has about 60%. This will give them a combined 90% of the search market, which has at least the Mainichi wondering if this deal won't end up dead in the water due to antitrust issues. Rest assured that Microsoft will have something to say about it to government regulators.
日本のヤフー:米グーグルと提携 検索エンジン採用






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