Friday, August 6, 2010

B-Mobile likely to release iPhone 4 micro-SIM

More good stuff from B-Mobile.

According to the Sankei (see below), B-Mobile is likely to release a micro-SIM aimed at the iPhone 4 (and perhaps a data-only version for the iPad?) by the end of the month.

I am extremely interested to see if they offer a version for the iPad, since last I checked, no one really has any idea if it is or is not SIM locked. A number of customers signed two year contracts, the only way to get a reasonably-priced data plan, because they were told by Softbank that the Japanese iPad is SIM locked. Imagine the uproar if it is actually not locked. In the US, instant class action lawsuit. In Japan, not so sure.

Back to the iPhone. Where do you go to get the best deal on an unlocked iPhone 4? Hong Kong. The graph below (compiled and created by choreographics) shows the price of the iPhone in each country that sells them unlocked with no contract required. A 16 GB version can be had for about 500 Euros in Hong Kong.

(The bolded portion below indicates that a number of customers are unsatisfied with softbank's network and would prefer to use the iPhone on another carrier.)
iPhone4、ドコモ回線で使用可能に 日本通信が専用SIMカード発売
2010.8.6 11:53





  1. I am resident in Japan and a customer of Softbank for the past years.
    Last month I bought an i-Phone 4 in HK but Softbank refuses to sell me the micro-sim and the plan.
    The i-Phone 4 without micro-sim card and plan is useless.
    What should I do?

  2. Cancel softbank and get B-Mobile. Be sure to tell softbank exactly why you are canceling.

    For the listed apps, you'll get full and unrestricted speed. All other data packets will be limited to 300 kbps.

    This is your only sane option, unless you 1) take out your current SIM, 2) cut it down to the exact dimensions of a microsim, 3) set the correct APN on the iPhone, 4) subscribe to the correct unlimited data plan for the iPhone, and 5) worry that you did everything exactly correct and won't get a 100,000 yen phone bill.

    So like I said, B-Mobile is really the only option. ;-)