Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One day remaining on the name changing poll

If you haven't voted yet please do. Right now, it is pretty much even between keeping the name and moving to a new domain.


  1. Well 50:50, so never change a running system, I'd say :D

  2. Yeah, that's how microsoft is running their business ;-)

    Now that the vote has tied, it is purely a matter of discussion, assuming the blog owner intends to follow the majority, er, plurality of the poll.

    If the name stays as softbanksucks, and the focus continues to change and the site evolves, then the name is going to be seen as a classic reference, but softbank is already gone. It is yahoo keitai or somesuch now. The meaning of the name is gradually going to become less and less meaningful even considering the historical reasons. "japanesekeitaisuck" might not suffer from this problem. People will just be glad things are better than they used to be.

    Because of both the increasing irrelevancy of the softbank moniker, and because softbank itself has already changed its name and may do so again in the future, the question then becomes what are the plausible future paths of this blog and what names might fit those missions?

    I mentioned before selecting from a short list of a few short keywords (keitai japan asia risingsun yamato) and combining them for something unique, relevant, and easy to remember. The owner's name might make a good element as well.


  3. "relevant, and easy to remember (godzillaskeitai, risingsunphones, otakusRus, yourkeitaisarebelongtous...)"

    i wonder how easy to remember "yourkeitaisarebelongtous" is.. (very relevant though.. )

  4. 50/50 indeed. I am actually a bit surprised. I figured it would be overwhelming in favor of changing the name, but I guess we should never underestimate the number of us who have had bad experiences with softbank (who I don't believe has changed their name - at least I haven't heard anything about it - yahoo keitai is their platform for walled garden internet).

    I am actually leaning towards changing it to be honest. If I do change it, better to do it while the site still has relatively few readers.

    The problem is the time it will take to do it properly, which is time I really don't have now. And then there is the constant headache of site maintenance, the constant threat of vulnerabilities in whatever I install on the backend (would probably be wordpress, some sort of forum, and perhaps a wiki package).

    And of course, I can't figure out a name yet. You guys are on the right track regarding what would be good to have in a name. Naming is not my strong point - case in point being the name of this blog.

  5. You asked your current readers, many of who came here because of trouble with Softbank. Your potential future readers might have voted differently. :-)

  6. And, the guys at fg discovered this blog about the time I started the poll. It doesn't take too long looking over that forum to understand how many of them feel about SB.

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