Friday, August 13, 2010

S! Mail coming to HTC Desire

Reader Darren pointed out to me that Softbank announced last month that an application to enable S! Mail on the HTC Desire (X06HT) and on the newer version with the with the SLCD screen (X06HTII). The application will be available from the Android Market sometime in September.

I don't see any reason why someone with an overseas Desire couldn't use this app to enable their address.


  1. Is there any way this can be retooled for non-Desire handsets? I'm getting my new android phone next week (Dell Streak! finally!) and I am a little reluctant to give up my S!mail because of the headaches a bounced email could cause.

    Or maybe I'm just making a big deal over nothing, what does everybody else do when somebody's cellphone bounces non-carrier mail? Or is it all that common of a problem?

  2. call ;-)

    It happens very rarely for me now because more people are using smartphones, so there are fewer people who haven't changed those settings. I had more issues at first, but people whitelisted me or changed the setting.

    Really, I've been living with it for a year now and it rarely causes a problem.

  3. Well that's a relief. I had my suspicions that mail bouncing was going by the wayside, good to know its mostly a non-issue at this point.

    For unlimited data, which plan do I need to take? The "unlimited packet discount flat"? They seem to have changed the names of their plans since that monster xda-dev threat was created, so I feel I should make extra certain (especially considering the consequences of getting it wrong...!)

  4. The smartphone one. Check the general info thread for the details.

  5. I don't really get why anyone would care about this. On my Desire I have gmail, hotmail and yahoo mail. Why do I need yet another mail client?

  6. I've a few friends who are on AU and block all mail from non carrier addresses to help limit spam.

    Honestly, I don't know why they're gonna make us use a whole separate client, though. The iPhone doesn't need one...