Friday, October 29, 2010

CM6.1 release candidate available

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Docomo users beware!!!! This and all subsequent CM6 ROMs as of 30 Nov 2010 contain the APN, which may be set by default adding a 4200 yen charge to your bill!!!

Just in case any of you weren't aware, CM6.1 release candidate 1 is now available for download. If you've been keeping up, T-Mobile released a 2.2 Froyo version specifically for the MyTouch 3G, which is the exact same phone as Docomo's ht-03a. And that ROM is quite fast though a bit stripped down.

Prior to that official release, lacking drivers direct from HTC, the CyanogenMod team resorted to reverse engineering to get Froyo running on this phone. These bits and pieces have been in the CM6 nightly builds for a while, but now there is a build that Steve thinks is already good enough to be a daily driver.

No need to wipe before flashing but, as always, do a backup first. If you are using Stevo's swap scripts, you'll need also to reflash those. I've been flashing a lot of ROMs lately, so I just leave it on my SD card. After flashing it run bootswapv2 from the shell using adb or from terminal emulator and answer the questions. I am using swappiness of 20 and no vm tweeks. using bootswapv2 instead SwapScriptv2 will set swap on boot. You'll need to reboot for it to go into effect. I disable compcache when using swap, which is anecdotally the best way of doing it.

$ adb shell
# bootswapv2
Partitions? (A)FAT+SWAP (B)FAT+EXT+SWAP - a
Swappiness? (0-100)
Setting swap at boot...
Swap at boot set with swappiness of 20
VM Settings? (y/n) - n
# exit

The command free will let you know if it is working on not.

$ adb shell free
total used free shared buffers
Mem: 97700 95956 1744 0 752
Swap: 31316 11284 20032
Total: 129016 107240 21776


  1. Oooh, thanks for the post. So here's the real crux for's the speed/stability compared to vanilla MT3G?

    The way I see it, other than a few tweaks and customizations, previous cooked ROMs main reason for existence was to attempt to shoehorn newer versions of Android onto older platforms while trying to maintain relative responsiveness.

    Now that Froyo quasi-officially "fits" into our HT-03A, guess what I'm really asking is:
    Does 6.1 = all the speed & rock-solidness of vanilla + tweaks/customization without any of the instability and eventual slugishness drawbacks of typical cooked ROMs?

  2. I've been liking the new CM ever since the official ROM came out.

    That was a main reason for those ROMs indeed, that and getting sense onto hardware that it wasn't supposed to be on.

    CM4 was absolutely rock solid and didn't slow down for me. CM 5 and 6 have been less so because they lacked anything official from HTC. So, for now, I think the most stable experience would be anything loosely based off of the official ROM. But, given time, CM6 should become just as stable.

  3. as someone who just got a ht03a (one of the very last - they 10000 yen was such a bargain that i couldn't say no), and is thus quite new to this, what image would you recommend to flash? Least hassle with all moperau settings etc.?

  4. I'd say go with something close to stock, like this what stevo on CM forum/amazinglarry on XDA put together:

    Also, this looks nice - thinking about flashing it.

    I would avoid CM 6.0 and 6.1RC1 right now because 6.0 is reverse engineered and 6.1RC1 isn't stable. I had a random reboot that last night and had to pull the battery to get it out of a bootloop.

  5. still running the 209 nightly (no swap at present) and the random reboots are less frequent at once every few days. (They were at 3 times a day with 6.0 running the stevo swap script .) With this I was thinking of trying the CM 6.1 experimental build but your post here makes me a little weary...

    Thanks for the other options noted in your last post. Curious to see how those develop/work...might give the "My_OTA_Froyo Rooted T-Mobile OTA Froyo Update" a try today. I'll let you know how it goes if/when...please keep us posted if/when you do the same.

  6. Agree with softbanksucks. I'm running the amazinglarry311's ROM he linked and I have zero complaints. It's literally breathed new life into my HT-03A. I'm now only _slightly_ less envious of newer handset owners - ever so slightly :P

    -No reboots
    -Very responsive
    -I've had exactly _1_ FC since I put it on - and that was with BRUT maps.

  7. What do you think of BRUT maps?

    I am now running larry's as well. I used morelocale 2 to set language and locale to Japanese, but since many of the apks can't display Japanese, most everything stays in English. The only reason I tend to keep my l and l set to Japanese is for better search results in Google Maps. So now, I have most everything in English AND proper results with maps. I've been trying to do that ever since I got this phone.

  8. BRUT maps appears to behave identically to Google maps - with extra features enabled - such as turn-by-turn navigation and map-tile caching.

    It's actually kinda funny. Since the Navigation voice guidance is in English, and it can't phonetically pronounce Japanese, you get directions like "Turn left on ...-silent pause-...and proceed to next intersection". At least it works.

    It can also be installed concurrently with stock Google maps, so any other apps that call Gmaps directly will still function. It's a little quirky at times - like on initial set-up - a few FCs. But after that, works pretty well.

  9. Techniker TechnologeNovember 1, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    Any chance that docomo is going to push an official 2.2?

  10. I think it is very unlikely because all of the new services being announced are targeting the newer phones. I'd actually be very surprised. I also don't think they sold so many of them, either, so they probably figure it is not worth the effort or expense.

  11. I flashed the 3 t-mobile ota files onto my imported t-mobile magictouch and i have to say...its much better to get a proper 1ghz phone. The magic just struggles with 2.2, and my desire flies. I'm thinking about getting the Galaxy S when it comes out because I hear it supports the DivX and Xvid codecs. Great for watching downloaded movies on a plane.

  12. Yeah, if you're used to using a 1 GHz phone, then this is going to seem slow as heck, even with the OTA. But in all fairness to those of us who aren't the official froyo seems just as fast as CM4 but with a lot more features.

    Which files did you flash? There were technically only two, first being an SPL (and a radio?). I think the SPL is perfect. The second was Froyo. Since you aren't a t-mo customer, the third (technically zeroth) file would have been the T-mo 1.6 update, right?

    Can you boot into HBOOT (power + volume down) and post the info you get? I am sure somewhere in the huge XDA threads, someone did that after flashing the new SPL, but I haven't been able to wade through all the junk to find out what the version is for it or the radio.

  13. First of all, thanx very much for you blog, the support here and the nice tutorials.
    I followed your recommendations and installed amazinglarrys 311. Installation went fine (I basically followed the other posting with "drew's" description using Universal-Androot + Rom Manager, always went for MyTouch/ION); maybe noticable is that I had to use the alternative recovery (RA-Recovery), since when using ClockworkModRecovery, it would sometimes boot into recovery, and sometimes I'd just get the !. RA-Recovery went fine. You then can't use Rom-Manager and have to manually backup with nandroid, wipe and install rom from RA-recovery.
    So far, everthing's really nice, I have a couple of Japan/Docomo-related questions, and I hope it's ok to use the comments here for it:

    - is the right APN for pake-hodai right? right? (*nervously checking mydocomo for exploding bills*)
    - is there any way to get iWnn, or do I have to use OpenWnn? It's not a big thing, yet i liked iWnn
    - how do you properly add support for Japanese? With stockRight now I am having weird font problems. To understand what I mean, copy 紀画真毒禅図 , put it in some word processor and format it once with a Mincho (e.g. MS Mincho) and once with for example SimSun. You will notice that the lower left part of 紀 is different (similar to handwriting/calligraphy style), 画 's middle verticle stroke does not reach the upper stroke etc. Any suggestions to get proper japanese support?

    Again thx to all of those posting here, was a great ressource!

  14. is correct.
    -I use simeji as Japanese input. But I'm no kanji pro.
    -Only font used is called droidsansfallback.ttf, but googling it for japanese yields other possibilities you might follow. Maybe Softbanksucks knows?

  15. Yeah, you got the right APN as Fuji says.

    I'm not following you from the part about Japanese support. I'm reading and writing Japanese on mine no problem. Are you talking about a word processor on the phone? Is the character wrong of is it rendered in the wrong font?

  16. Techniker TechnologeNovember 4, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    I found out what the problem is. Above charachters are written (slightly) different in Chinese and Japanese, yet they have the same unicode number. Thus it depends on the font which on is displayed.
    The default font used (with a european/us/western image) to display asian characters is DroidSansFallback.ttf
    Unfortunately this font displays such characters the chinese way. @softbanksucks: I added a picture to illustrate the problem at
    I used DroidSansJapanese.ttf included in , booted my device into recovery and pushed DroidSansJapanese.ttf to /system/fonts

    Unfortunately there was not enough space on system, so I had to delete DroidSansFallback.ttf (which is definitely not the nice way) but DroidSansJapanese.ttf is around 1.5 MB and I really didn't know where to get the space... Ringtones etc. where only some few 100 KBs. If anyone has a suggestion...

    In any event, displaying real(TM) and proper Japanese now :-)

  17. Techniker TechnologeNovember 4, 2010 at 1:06 AM

    addition: remving DroidSansFallback.ttf is not optimal. lots of non-standard jap chars missing, i guess anything not included in JIS... hm... suggestions on how to get space in system are welcome :-)

  18. Techniker TechnologeNovember 4, 2010 at 1:28 AM

    sorry for spamming the comments :-)
    I removed the amazon.mp3.apk (in fact backed up to sdcard) via adb and re-added DroidSansFallback.ttf . Finally everything working!

  19. Wow, now that you mention it, I have the same thing. I just noticed that. I am pretty sure that wasn't the case with Cyanogen. I may try pushing the font from Maurice's dump of the ION as well.

    There is definitely room to free up room in /system. amazon mp3, twitter, etc. are definitely not needed.

  20. Ah, didn't see that you did that. Good.

  21. I looked at original HT-03a fonts folder and it did indeed have DroidSansJapanese.ttf in it along with the other base fonts. amazinglarry311's ROM (and probably others based off the MT3G 2.2) didn't have it, but does have other crap like Thai, Hebrew and Arabic. Good catch!

  22. New OTA TMUS radio is kind of available, gives us HT-03A users 15 megs more memory (which is really really nice). Just waiting for patched kernel from the CM team so that the radio can actually work.

    Some individual made some progress by himself:

  23. I hope people make good progress with that because flashing radios when I don't have to is not something I really want to be doing. Right now, you can run the OTA with that radio but not CM et al. And having to flash a new radio for different ROMs would just be increasing the chance of something going wrong and getting a brick, since a bad flash of a ROM or recovery is no big deal, but a bad flash of an spl or especially a radio is bad, very bad.

  24. Not entirely helpful for HT-03 users, but it should be noted that newer handsets, especially ones that are more hacker-friendly like the Nexus One or the Dell Streak (hello December Softbank release!), have removed nearly all risk of bricking one's devices through bad flashing. Course its still possible, but I haven't read about a user error-generated bad flash that couldn't have been recovered from, at least concerning the Dell Streak.

  25. I'd be really interested if someone got this working on an HT-03A. I'm keeping my eyes open on the cyanogen forums, but if anyone here on the Japan side figures it out please let us know!

  26. This should work, I think I'll test later in the night.

    whole thread is interesting but there's at least one 32b-user confirming it works.

  27. Tommi, how did that go?

  28. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Docomo users beware!!!! This and all subsequent CM6 ROMs as of 30 Nov 2010 contain the APN, which may be set by default adding a 4200 yen charge to your bill!!!