Wednesday, October 13, 2010

US T-Mobile to release official Android 2.2 ROM for HTC Magic (really this time)

EDIT: It's worth mentioning that there are some who are skeptical of this, but it seems that much of the skepticism came prior to the addition of the below image.

From Tmo News.
Via CyanogenMod Forums, I learned that US T-Mobile will push Android 2.2 to the original MyTouch 3G, which is the exact same handset as Docomo's ht-03a, a PVT 32B Magic. Finally, after much confusing information, and many promises of "this summer," it really seems that this is actually going to happen.

This is excellent news, even if Docomo never pushes it. Why? Because, lacking official HTC drivers, the CyanogenMod team resorted to reverse engineering. You can bet that some of the bits and pieces of this official ROM will find their way into CM6, such as the camera drivers, as well as the 3D gallery to fix the annoying rotate bug (that can be worked around by simply pressing the zoom button).

ciwrl (A CM forum mod) has already stated as much. But he also raises an interesting topic: the full ROM would break support for the G1. The Dream/G1 and Magic/Sapphire have always run the exact same CM ROM, but ciwrl's comments raises the question of whether they should be made into separate ROMs.

Either way, rooted ht-03a users will get the full benefits of these official drivers, regardless of what the Cyanogen team decides. As soon as the OTA is pushed, it will be rooted, especially if Universal Androot works. And just as soon as it is rooted, it will be posted to XDA. And, in turn, a new ROM will be compiled incorporating the full suite of HTC code. This new ROM is virtually guaranteed to draw heavily on Cyanogen's code.

For us, it's a win win situation.

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