Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AU officially abandons Sharp IS01: that was fast

I understand all the words in this "announcement" (quotes are the media's) but the real meaning eludes me, perhaps because it reads like one big excuse with no actual substance.
After careful consideration of the results of extensive investigation, we've concluded that, due to hardware design costs, operability, performance, etc., that it is not realistically possible to update [the IS01's android operating system].
Like I said, I understand the meaning but there really is no meaning. Well, I guess the meaning is thanks for buying, hope you enjoy.

Mr. Komugi put together a summary of IS01 hacking. I emailed him for clarification, but haven't heard back yet. Either way, while he can 1) flash a new recovery, 2) get busybox and 3) superuser permissions installed, as well as 4) setup swap space for virtual memory to increase performance, the NAND protection on /system has NOT been defeated. No flashing of ROMs. No Froyo. And you have to re-hack it every time you reboot.

You can keep track of progress here at the IS01 wiki. As of today under "rooting progress" (進行状況), ROM flashing (defeating NAND protection) is listed as not done. [ROM焼き (NAND保護の回避) 不可(進行中)] When it is listed as "可能" IS01 owners have reason to celebrate.


  1. Do you know if any work is being done to root the IS03?

  2. I'm sure someone is but I haven't heard anything yet.

  3. Thanks for the reply. No problem. I've been trying to look into the guys who were working on the IS01 that you had linked to before. I tried following some of the links from those websites too but my Japanese is terrible so I can't really browse for more than 5 minutes without getting a headache.

    Anyways, I started a thread for just testing out things that I could do with the IS03, as inane as they are at this point. The link is here:

    I can't even get the phone into recovery mode! Perhaps it's disabled or something.

    The phone is still new, so I would guess that there will be some progress for the IS03 soon enough. Funny thing is, rooting isn't even really all that important to me. I just like to tinker with my gadgets...

    This reply turned out longer than I anticipated, thanks for reading.

  4. just fyi: vodafone germany is also pushing 2.2.1... seems almost everywhere in europe they will get the update... but still, i have no hope for japan...

  5. You did notice that a week after you posted this, the IS01 Wiki now reads 可能? I hope this is good news for IS03 owners and 003SH owners like myself

  6. The part under removing NAND protection still reads under progress when I checked it this morning. Though it seems they have made massive strides as of late, with getting multitouch and flash working. But organization is horrible. It's not clear exactly what has happened. I think they got some of the froyo frameworks into the 1.6 install.