Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best customer service response ever

And I'm only being half sarcastic because I got a reply back almost immediately after submitting a crash log via their support site. They had already reproduced the problem.
Good day.
Thank you for using XXXX digital microscope.
We have tried to duplicate the problem that you sent to us, and we found that the problem happened one time. We apologize that we are not able to solve this problem in a short time.
But we would like to suggest you to use the "parallel" in the Mac, so that you are able to use our software XXXX2.0 for PC, which with more functions to select.
Here is the link to download our XXXX2.0

If you have any further question, please kindly contact me at anytime.
They basically mean to say that they've reproduced the problem and are working to fix it but in the meantime, a work around is to use a virtual windows install with their windows software. But somehow it just doesn't come out quite right.

I've removed the company name because it is really a good product and I expect they'll have a fix shortly.


  1. Hm, Japanese microscope, high-end enough that you have this kind of software service. Olympus or Nikon is my guess. Is it getting warm?

    As for the response, I think it's pretty good, considering. I've contacted companies a couple of times with some kind of hardware problem, and both time I've gotten a reply in Japanese prefaced by a short English blurb basically saying that they don't do English, sorry.

  2. Your experience sounds like a good review of the company. Don't be shy. Let us know who is taking customer service so seriously.

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  4. It was indeed the response everyone wanted to hear from any customer support representative. That they will do their best to fix the problem and that you could be able to contact them when you have any questions in mind. Thumbs up for their customer service. I hope that they'll always be willing to do their best to help their valued customers.