Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CM 6.1 Stable released for ht-03a

If anyone is interested, a stable version of 6.1 is out. Normally, I would have already installed it but I've been very happy with the speed of the TMUS CM6 Remix. There are a number of features that I miss from CM 6.1, however so I'll probably give it a try.

I usually do a full wipe via fastboot before flashing different ROMs, but I'm hearing a lot of reports of success flashing between CM 6 and the Remix ROM without wiping. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if wiping was the reason my APN got reset while many other commenters had not issues. (For example, if someone didn't wipe and flashed on top of a ROM with bizho set, perhaps nothing was changed. But when I fully erased my phone and flashed a ROM with the mopera APN listed above the bizho APN...)

I unzipped CM6.1 stable and confirmed that the bizho APN is listed above the mopera APN.

CM 6.1 stable can be downloaded here. To install, first do a nandroid backup of your current ROM. Next, if your current ROM is based on Android 2.2 Froyo, don't wipe anything but flash CM 6.1 directly on top. If all works fine, then no need to do anything else. If the phone is slow, laggy, boot loops, or you get lots of FCs, then you'll have to wipe and do a clean install. Also, not wiping can sometimes result in duplicate contacts. If you notice this, you'll have to wipe and do a clean install.

An afterthought...

I know a lot of you are interested in using the new SPL and radio that came with the US T-Mobile official Froyo release because it gives the phone an extra 15 MB of RAM, which in the context of this device is absolutely huge. People do have it working with CM 6 or with the official ROM, but I've been waiting for a the next stable release of CM6. Now that this has happened, I'll keep an eye on how the work proceeds.

For anyone wanting to do this, here are some issues you should be aware of:
  • This is not nearly as simple as flashing a new ROM, if anything does wrong, the phone will be bricked.
  • A patched kernel is needed.
  • You won't be able to use 99.9% of the current ROMs
  • If you decide to go back, it will be a bit of work because the SPL is perfect (good thing I still have my goldcard).
  • You'll lose the ability to fastboot, meaning you can't remote boot a recovery in the event your recovery gets erased, which is something that has been known to happen with ROM Manager/CM6/clockwork recovery
  • There is a hacked version of the SPL that allows the fastboot erase command to do a full and proper wipe but it was "modified with HTC Dreams in mind." The modified SPL is 1.33.0013d.
  • Probably something else I'm forgetting.
What I really want to see if a release of CM6 specifically for the HTC Magic (right now it is for the Dream and Magic) that uses the odex'd apks and comes with a proper kernel for the new radio/SPL. I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one, so I can imagine something showing up soon. I'll let y'all know if I hear anything.

I am also waiting to hear the details of Android 2.3 Gingerbread to find out what bits of it, if any bit of it at all, will be useable on the HTC Magic.


  1. The new gingerbread keyboard is nice on HT-03A :)


  2. But I can't use it with Japanese :(

  3. 80% of my writing on mobiles is anyway english so I'm happy :)

  4. 95% of mine is Japanese :(

    The language being tied to the keyboard is really stupid. That is one of the biggest flaws in Android that I see everyday. They kinda fixed it with froyo by allowing a few western languages to share one keyboard, but for CJK we're stuck with the HTC japanese IME or simeji, both of which kinda suck. At least simeji has the social IME so you can DL writings for Kanji that it doesn't have. I've tried the other Japanese keyboards, but they all suck more.

    Only good news is that NTT Docomo invested $1 million in swype, so at some point we'll get Japanese support.

  5. Well that truly sucks :) I'm not particularly impressed with simeji either, but I was even less impressed with the docomo's original one.

  6. Thanks for the note on CM 6.1. So tempted to try it, but a bit scared to make any moves that would "fix what's not broken" as the "non-stable build" of 6.1 is incredibly stable here and without extra APN charges!

    I too am looking forward to seeing what gingerbread has to offer...maybe not much for the aging ht-03a, though. The new keyboard looked nice and was thinking of giving it a go...I noted the "But I can't use it with japanese" - but you can still change "input method" with a long touch in the input field, right?

    Not being able to toggle quickly being English and Japanese is really terrible on android. Sometimes even causes me to fire the ht-03a as a wi-fi hotspot to get the ipod touch connected and rolling for the sole purpose of writing emails in both languages.

  7. Yeah, of course you can long press then change it out, but when tapping out an email as fast as you can, having to stop, long press, select keyboard, and generally wait as keyboard is killed and another launched (with our slow CPU and little memory) it just drives me nuts so I just use Simeji exclusively.

    The other thing is not all keys are in the same place, like shift, symbol, etc., or the shift key behaviors (one press = shift lock v one press = capital for just one letter).

    Given all the above, I find it faster to suffer through Simeji when typing English as opposed to switching to a better English keyboard since English is like 5% of what I type on the phone. (obviously I'm not posting to this blog from my phone.)

  8. I too pretty much stick with Simeji. Such a hassle to have to change the actual keyboard every time you need to switch languages.
    I occasionally tether to my ipod touch to write a lengthy email when I'm away from home...sometimes causes me to question my "there's no way I'll ever get an iPhone" creed.

  9. CM 6.1 was running well at first but from the 2nd day I started getting more and more force closes and some apps stopped working. Too bad.

    So I flashed CM 6.0 but the phone got stuck for 2 hours in the boot process. Next try was flashing the original recovery image of Android 1.6. Also no luck, the phone won't boot up.

    Now I when booting into recovery I don't get the option of choosing the zip file anymore, just "update.zip" can be flashed. For trying another CM version is it correct to
    - download the zip files of CM and the Google apps to the SD card
    - rename the CM zip file to "update.zip" and flash it
    - and then rename Google apps to "update.zip" and flash it?

  10. Try out the ROM that I am using, listed up at the top of the blog in the about me section.
    It is the fastest and most stable ROM I've used. Since I've rooted, this is the longest I've had a ROM installed. I miss some of the CM features, but it is very stable for me.

    I've always used nothing but Amon_RA recovery, and it doesn't matter what you name the zip. I am not sure about clockwork. If it lets you flash something called update.zip, then yeah, rename it.

    I'd wipe first using a zip file that overwrites everything rather than the wipe option from recovery. (I actually use fastboot, you won't have that option.)

    You don't need to flash gapps because it is included in this ROM since it is an official carrier release that is authorized to contain Google's proprietary apps.

  11. Thanks! I'll try that ROM tonight.

    I checked out HTC Desire HD in the Softbank shop this afternoon. Very impressed, I just wish it wasn't on the Softbank network.

  12. Looks like restoring my original recovery image reverted the phone from ClockworkMod Recovery back to the original one. Now when I try flashing any update.zip it's telling me "No signature" and "Verification failed".

    I tried the "Boot recovery via fastboot" method but it doesn't show me "Fastboot USB" just "Fastboot" and it seems like I can't connect via USB.

  13. Flashing a backed up ROM won't revert your recovery. There should be an advanced settings area in Clockwork that will allow you to flash unsigned zips. I'm not sure why you are getting verification errors. Since you didn't use the goldcard method, you have a perfect SPL that won't allow remote fastboot. Using the goldcard method allows you to replace it on the ht-03a with an engineering SPL.

    I am still confused as to why it won't let you flash things not named update.zip. I didn't know this was an issue for clockwork. Might I suggest googling a bit for how to flash Amon_RA recovery when you have a perfect SPL. I really don't like clockwork.

  14. R U doing "install zip from SD card" or "apply sdcard:update.zip"??? YOU SHOULD BE DOING INSTALL ZIP.

  15. After flashing clockwork I had several options e.g. choosing which zip file to flash. Most of these options are gone now so I think it's not even clockwork anymore.

    I checked out all options in the recovery menu and it seems like the only chance I have is to find a ROM with a signature that passes the verification test.

    Or flashing Amon_RA via USB as descibed in the wiki (bit ly eVi8U1) but Fastboot doesn't seem to connect to USB, the phone just shows "Fastboot" not "Fastboot USB".

    Anyway, thanks for all the help. I think I was unlucky. And clueless.

  16. Are you seeing something like this described here?

    It is compatible with froyo, though.

    Check this:
    You are certainly NOT BRICKED. You are just stuck with no ROM and something screwed with you recovery and a perfect SPL. Not a good position, but not the end of the world. But don't start trying random things because you could make it worse.

    It is time to figure out why you don't have the option of flashing anything. It could be possible that if you reflash the recovery it will work fine.

  17. Yes, that's about what I am seeing.

    Looks like there are a few things more to try. A weekend project...

  18. Has anyone using CM6.1 managed to/bothered to update to the new market? How is it working?
    One consistant problem I've had with CM (all builds, but especially the nightly just before 6.1) has been with connectivity to the market...without fail, the first time I try to download an app from the market it gets "stuck" at the "now processing" grey progress bar and doesn't kick into downloading. It always works the second time around after a quick "cancel download" and a repeat at downloading. Anyone else had this happen?

  19. The market connection problem isn't that big of a deal, just fiddly sometimes - it always works, eventually...thanks for confirming you have the same problem - won't bother to look for a fix, then.

    Could you repost the link to the new market file (an .apk right?) as the "This" link in your last post is showing "page not available".

  20. Hmmm... even though that file was shared to everyone with that link, I couldn't access it unless I was logged into my google account. Seems to be an occasional problem with google docs. There was an option to reset the direct link, which I did and edited the above "this" hyperlink. I was able to access it while logged out, so it should work now. Not sure what the problem was.

  21. Thanks for fixing the link, I got the vending .zip just fine this time.
    Just checking: Should I install it via "install zip from SD card" from recovery?

    seeing some posts, such as here:
    that offer a .apk file for standard package installation...

  22. There are apks, but it would be much easier to flash a zip because you are going to have to first uninstall the old market since there would be a sig mismatch. That particular apk you linked to is for higher resolution devices, so wouldn't work for the magic.

    Do a nandroid first, just in case the new market doesn't work for you.

  23. Hello, only a little question, I flashed with last cyanogen 6.1 , with my Docomo SIM (green sim) I can use phone, but I cannot use (no Docomo network available) with b-mobile SIM (blue sim), it's normal?

    Thank you

  24. I had heard earlier from a couple of people that while using B-Mobile date SIM, although internet can be used, the icon for 3G and network does not come.

    Are you facing the same problem or are you not able to use at all? Is there any error message?

  25. My guess is that cyanogen doesn't have the correct APN settings for B-Mobile. I would restore to the original ROM and then write down all of the APN settings and then make sure they are added when you we flash cyanogen.

  26. It's not a problem of APN setting.
    I can use phone and with WiFi I can read email/market/browse but cannot connect to Docomo network with bmobile sim; I use also an european Vodapone SIM card with black simunlock card and I can connect to Softbank, but with bmobile I read NO SERVICE Selected network (NTT Docomo) unavailable.

  27. No internet connection also with correct APN.

  28. Docomo list of APNs

    With Docomo service, you want the mpr2 APN. For B-Mobile, you want the dm.jplat APN. Being able to use wifi is completely unrelated.

    were you using the b-mobile SIM properly before flashing CM6? The SIMs have to be activated before they will work. Once activated, though, you can switch the SIM to different handsets and not have to do anything.

    You won't likely see the 3G icom, nor the signal strength icon. Opening the browser will also probably throw up an error, even though you are connected to the internet. With my android firmware, every time I switch SIMs, my google account pw gets cleared, so check passwords.

    See the end of this post for issues with b-mobile.

  29. I used b-mobile U300 on an iphone 3G and LG Optimus One without problems, I never use on my Ht-03a because was Android 1.6 and I read it works only on 1.5.
    Using b-mobile SIM on google account I read "no connection" without Wifi and with correct APN of b-mobile, if I use my Docomo sim card and with Docomo APN I can connect without problems.
    It's strange maybe my bmobile SIM and HT-03 have some problems...


    Thank you ^_^

  30. Looking at that image, that is exactly what my ht-03a says with b-mobile, even though it works. I have not tried it with CM 6, but I am using a CM 6 kernel. I am using the stock T-mobile ROM and bootloader (check the labels for 15 MB RAM hack to see the exact config I am running.) I didn't have a problem with b-mobile and this kernel.

    Though, I haven't tried a U300 SIM in the ht-03a. I've only tried a b-mobile FAIR. If the Fair works, then I'd assume so would the U300, since they both use the same APN...

  31. It's not an APN problem, it' a network problem, it's strange this phone works with all my SIM but not with b-mobile, maybe I need T-mobile baseband or maybe it's a cyanogen 6.1 problem but it's not a great problem I can use abroad ;-) ; I'll try also your system maybe I'll be lucky.
    Thank you for all ^_^