Friday, January 7, 2011

Big steps in AU Sharp IS01 root progress: froyo flash and multitouch

This isn't ready yet, but it's a big start. Someone has managed to boot froyo on the IS01. But that is about all they've done - pretty much nothing works, including the radios.

And here we have multitouch confirmed with dev tools and dolphin browser, as well as flash running with nico nico douga.

Please do not try this at home yet. What they are going is over my head. But there is light on the horizon for IS01 owners.


  1. I'm impressed. Maybe there's hope for that red-headed stepchild after all. Did that thing even have a built-in mic? Makes me giggle just imagining someone talking on the phone without a headset :P
    Shame it's a CDMA2000 device

  2. It's an awesome news
    It's possible to have somethin translate in English, I don't understand Japanese. (I'm talking about the links of course...).
    I asked on XDA forum if someone knows something but no answer till now, I think this's a shame because this is an awesone device for me...

  3. IS01 didn t work with new Android Market....many messages of FORCED CLOSE....someone have a idea how can i solve this? I tried desinstall Updates...but Android Market make automatic update....

  4. someone has already rooted it into 2.3 with just 4 steps, but I can't read Japanese even with google tranlsate...

  5. Hi guys maybe you need forget a cold i say realesed the device as a prototype for models is03 and is05...the unsucess in japan made sharp try sale in better wait xperia arc or lg opptimus 2x....wasin t i good deal sharp abandoned is01 cause when i use on the train cause impact in iphone users...

  6. Hi IS01 users...don t waist your time with this device...AU launch this month 04/2011 a HTC EVO 4G...with HDMI and WIMAX ROUTER MODE....good deal for someone want connect the internet from others devices....good deal