Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slowly working towards moving to a new domain

Thanks to Nicholas, we're making preparations for moving to a new domain. Actually, so far all the preparations have been done solely by Nicholas. It's darn good to have people around who actually know what they are doing!

Hopefully we'll both find sometime to get this done sooner than later, but I can't really give a timeline. So consider this a heads up if anything wonky goes down, like the comment system (or the entire blog) going temporarily MIA. (You can always check @SBSdroid for updates if the site is down for what seems to be longer than normal.)

We are also testing a few options, such as potentially adding a forum as well.

For now, I'll be keeping this standard, stock template because I certainly don't have time/can't be bothered to create something better and cooler. Of course if anyone out there is motivated to contribute some nice custom html and css for a new template - or even some of those fancy glassy effect images that everyone uses nowadays - we could probably find a way to say thanks.


  1. I definitely think SBS deserves a fancy domain of its own! This site has been a valuable resource on many occasions.
    Good luck with the setup...

  2. Looking forward to new domain. Me multi-votes on forums, yes yes and yes.