Monday, April 18, 2011

BlueSIP Japanese IP phone for Android and iOS

The comments over at my post on B-mobile's Fair SIM have slid over towards IP phones, which is a topic I'd like to address more fully in the future.

Over lunch, I did a bit of googling and ran into a new service just started this month, BlueSIP, which offers a 050 phone number. New service is ¥525 to start. Monthly cost is ¥630 per month plus the ¥7.35 universal service fee. Calls are ¥21 per minute to all domestic phones (IP, landline, cellular) and to major countries. There is no discount for calling other BlueSIP numbers.

From what I understand from this IT Media article, it is relying on JCI's (B-mobile) VoIP service. B-mobile does offer IP phone service, but it is so far restricted to the IDEOS. BlueSIP is offering B-mobile U300 SIMs at a 5% discount, so you're looking at a cost of around ¥3500 or so per month for a 300 kbps data connection and an IP phone.

This would not be a good idea to use with a B-mobile Fair SIM because you'd be eating into your limited bandwidth and paying for calls. Docomo flat rate data plans prohibit VoIP, including skype, though I don't know if it would technically work if you tried it. (Docomo blocks UDP ports 2427, 2727, 4661 - 4665, 4672, 4673, 4711, 5060, 5061, 5662, 5773, 5783, 6085, and 6257 with their flat rate data plans for tablets, routers, etc., though I am not sure if they do the same with the unlimited packet plans for phones.)

The service requires downloading an app for making calls. The voice is not routed as traditional voice would be, so you can't use a bluetooth handset. They have confirmed it working on the following handsets:
  • Xperia arc (SO-01C)
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S (SC-02B)
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC HT-03A (above Android 1.6)
  • HTC Nexus One
  • Huawei IDEOS
  • Camangi FM600 Tablet
  • iPhone OS 3.2 +
This can be used outside of Japan for no extra costs.


  1. Given the costs, it makes more sense to have a free US DID running on your regular unlimited data mobile connection. I use Softbank + Talkatone and have my Google voice on at all times. Works quite well.

    Even for most people in Japan, it is probably cheaper for them to call me on my US number rather than my Japan cell phone number (unless ofcourse they are using White Plan).

  2. Thanks for this info...I would love it if someone can post a review of their service.

  3. Good write up. It's good to see that an MVNO service can be launched like this and JCI doesn't have to appear anywhere.

    Frank Seiji sanda

  4. I'm not sure I follow what you mean. JCI is mentioned in the text of this post, though I didn't see JCI mentioned specifically on the blue sip page, other than reselling the U300 SIMs.

  5. 050 Plus (By NTT Communications) has a cheaper monthly rate, and a cheaper calling rate for land-lines (and free to other 050 plus users).