Monday, April 11, 2011

Docomo access point names (APN)

Updated 5/2013 with reformatting.

Never change the APN of a Docomo branded FOMA phone because it will cost you money - I have the bills to prove it.


Standard FOMA (3G) APNs for phones
Name APN MCC MNC Usage Comments
Mopera U (Biz ・ ホーダイ) 440 10 Docomo-branded smartphones  restricted to Docomo IMEI numbers
SPモード 440 10 Docomo-branded smartphones SP mode (E) subscribers use this APN (extra monthly cost; provides address); restricted to Docomo IMEI numbers

Mopera 440 10 Tethering, unbranded, unlocked smartphones (iPhone)  Costs ¥8,190/month (reduced cost) with no IMEI restrictions. No additional costs with Xi SIMs.
Mopera U 初期設定 440 10 pay-as-you-go packets Never use this outside of setting a new Docomo-branded device in the shop
? 440 10 Data only tablets, routers, etc. Costs less than 6000 yen/month.
? 440 10 128 kbps limited APN Why would anyone pay for this?


Name APN MCC MNC Usage Comments
Mopera 440 10 Xi APN No IMEI restrictions; Use with unlocked phones; has some ports commonly associated with malware closed.
Open Mopera 440 10 Xi APN No (additional) port restrictions (Best for unlocked, non Docomo phones
Open Mopera 440 10 Standard Xi APN sp-mode APN (IME restricted to Docomo phones)


This list is very incomplete. Reference your MVNO details for the correct APN.
Other APNs
JCI APN*** 440 10 APN used service is through an MVNO APN if MVNO's MVNE is JCI. [that sentence has more acronyms than full words...]

JCI usernames and passwords (freely available)
SIM typeUsernamePasswordComments
bmobile U300 / talkingU300 / microU300bmobile@U300bmobileLink to fullsize and micro SIM settings and supported handsets
bmobile Fairbmobile@frbmobileSmartphone settings page; I have also used bmobile@sw
bmobile plantinum talking micro and fullsize; platinum microbmobile@iosbmLink to fullsize and micro talking SIM settings and supported handsets; data only micro SIM link
bmobile Aeon SIMsbmobile@aeonbmobileAll SIMs use the same APN
Rstreamrs@r-phone.jprsHandset manual (PDF J, see p. 43)


  1. So do you happen to know if the tablet/routers data only APN is IMEI filter? Specifically can that APN be used an a non-Docomo android smart phone? I'm paying for the 128kbps (sucks I know) for my sim unlocked Galaxy S and I would like a little more speed without paying 10k yen a month for it. Thanks!

  2. Yes you can do it if you subscribe to the 定額データプラン, I believe . You won't have voice. See the chart on my previous post.

    However, I am not 100% sure which APN will be used

    This article by @iskw226talks about it.;df=3;p=9694E3EAE3E0E0E2E2EBE0E4E2E6

    Tethering with a data plan for less than 6000 yen

    He recommends doing this. It would be best to say you have an iPad but it's not with you now, or something like that, and get the microSIM and the flatrate data plan.

    Docomo won't guarantee this will work of course. You won't be able to take the phone in and have them set it up. It could be "difficult" depending on the shop staff.

  3. Sounds like a job for b-Mobile. 384K might not seem that fast, but it sure beats 128.

  4. There's an SP Mode APN too. For those of us who use SP mode mail.


  5. Hello,

    I have a Blackberry with NTT Docomo, I would like to use it's sim card with a pocket mifi-style router.
    Do you know if that's possible?

    I tried all the apns above, plus and managed to connect only with and No luck with http data woth either of them though. only accepts rim blackberry data, do you know of any other apn I need to use in my case?


  6. I am not familiar with Blackberry on the Docomo network, but keep this in mind: should only be used for setting up your phone (as mentioned above). If you keep using it, you will pay extra as the traffic will not fall under Pake-Hodai. Do not use this APN as you will pay by packet. Very expensive.

    Docomo is filtering IMEIs, which means that they do not allow Non-Docomo phones on their network. Your MiFi will be identified as Non-Docomo device. Therefore, setting up your MiFi with an PakeHodai-APN ( will not work. The only APN that should work with your MiFi is, but you will pay more than 10,000 per month.

    I would consider a SIM card from b-mobile for your MiFi.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information i am always looking out for wireless access point

  8. I was browsing around and I find a rather long list of Japanese Cell Carrier APN... I didn't create the list and I don't take any responsibility of using them....


  9. Trust me B mobile sucks at that 300k rate... A real docomo sim pushing over 3000k is night and day difference....

  10. I recently purchased an atnt galaxy note and had it unlocked. While I was stateside, I was using a 3G TMobile prepaid sim.

    Once I returned back to Japan, I inserted my Docomo sim, from my galaxy SII and it didn't recognize the sim.

    After spending two days in my local Docomo shop, we Realized that the note would only recognize the sim if I had a contract with 4G/LTE. Changing my contract would mean, voiding my discounts, expensive phone calls , etc.

    Do you know of a way to allow my note to run with my current sim and contract. I'm even willing to switch to moperau for my data vice sp mode.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. This is the only way to use a non Docomo phone with Docomo service if you don't want to pay for tethering.

    If you want a 3G plan, you have to pay for tethering, which is an extra 2500 yen or so per month.

  12. I spent 2 years (well actually 26 months) suffering with the horrible excuse for a service which Softbank, so obviously did NOT renew my contract.

    I have just successfully connected an iPhone 3GS (used to belong to/provided by Softbank) to NTT Docomo. I had to jailbreak the iPhone, using Redsn0w and Ultrasn0w, which was pretty straight forward, even for a first-time user of these apps.

    Problem: After the jailbreak (and unlock from Softbank) the cell phone works fine, but no Internet.

    Solution: Go to the NTT Docomo shop or call their customer center, since you’ll end up talking to them anyway unless you’re fluent in Japanese, their phone #: 0120-005-250.

    You need to get the additional two services:
    1. Mopera U @ ¥315 per month
    2. Request/agree to the maximum, flat rate charge going up to ¥8,350. The flat rate data fee for a Docomo device is ¥5,600 so the additional non-Docomo data flat rate/max plan increases this by ¥2,750. (I might be off on by a few hundred yen on the standard plan, e.g. for a Blackberry, but close enough for this discussion).

    Once you’ve signed up for these additional services the only thing you’ll need to type into the APN boxes on the phone is “”, ignore all the other boxes, just leave them blank.

    The max flat rate fee is applied on a monthly basis and will reset back to the Crackberry max data rate if you stop using the Docomo SIM card in a non Docomo smart phone before the start of the next month.

    You’ll need to manually request the cancellation of the Mopera U (light plan). The full plan costs an extra ¥2xx with the only difference being some NTT based email, which sucks so just use your Gmail, or similar. Having to use the Craberry after even iPhone 3GS I caught myself a few times about ready to throw that POS against the wall, I really can't wait for that useless company to go out of business already so we don't have to suffer with being stuck with their crappy products. Anyway I figured it was time to do something to get a proper smartphone back.

  13. why not do this:
    It's cheaper and 7 GB of mobile data is more than people in the US get these days for their iPhones.

  14. Not sure who will see this post where - apologies if you see it twice:
    Today I bought a 2-year Xi plan (SIM only) to use with my unlocked iPhone 4S. The voice works fine, but I cannot for the life of me get past the "initial setup" page the MoperaU welcome text sent me to so I can get the 3G data working.
    I connect the phone to wifi, navigate to, enter my network pin (set up with Docomo in the store) and hit "I agree". Page freezes every time at this point. No other page freezes.
    What am I doing wrong?

  15. You need to first set your APN settings to Mopera. The message from Mopera is pointless. You can make a name and login to add features like Docomo wifi, email etc. However with Mopera attached to your account you are golden. I use Android and despise anything that must deal with iTunes so I apologize for my lack of step by step instructions but here is the bottom line. Go into your settings and somewhere near Carrier or Network settings you should have an option to create an APN. Most of the options do not need to be filled in. for the Name just type in MoperaU and for the acutal apn type in with Android the MCC and MNC are already set but if iPhone doesnt be sure and enter this in. be sure to hit the button to SAVE these setting. Again with it being an iPhone you may want to make sure there is an indicator next to your new APN afterwards showing you that you are indeed using this new APN. Hope this works!

  16. FOMA sim in Xi Hardware: NOOB question. Hope someone could help me out with this.

    I currently have the FOMA data and calling plan with the 1st generation Regza phone. I am usually near a wi-fi spot so do not have a real need for the LTE network, as I find the FOMA speeds OK for what I do. I also make a lot of calls to non-DCM carriers, and like the calling plan with my current FOMA contract. I use the SP-Mode APN and mail address. Standard sized sim-card.

    Problem is my hardware is getting dated (lack of internal memory/slow) and I do not want to upgrade to the Xi plan. My first thought was to buy a new/used Samsung Nexus (DCM) and just change the sim. Then I started to wonder if I could use my current SIM and keep my FOMA data/calling plan with a newer Xi LTE phone, knowing of course it would be limited to the FOMA data transmission speeds.

    Most of the newer DCM hardware uses the micro-sim. I asked the Docomo shop if I could change my existing sim to a micro-sim without modifying my contract. They said yes, and I should do it before December, because there is a fee (~2150 yen) required from then.

    Then I asked if I could use the micro-sim paired with my FOMA data/calling plan in a Xi phone. The lady told me it would not work. So I though, what is the point of getting the micro-sim, and would I be limited to using my FOMA sim in FOMA phones only.

    Is it true that I can not use a FOMA micro-sim in a newer Xi phone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note II or Galaxy S III? If it is possible, are there risks of getting over charged on data? (I do not plan to use the phone for tethering)

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Not sure if I'm following you. There is no technical reason why you can't put a FOMA 3G SIM into an LTE Docomo Xi phone. The problem is most likely that DCM doesn't sell new phones without a contract, so you would be forced to change your contract to Xi if you got an Xi phone.

    There are two FOMA calling plans, the basic and value. They all have the different types like SS S, etc, but the value (what you are likely using now) costs half of what the basic plan costs.

    If you switch to from FOMA value to Xi, then back to FOMA you won't be eligible for value anymore and you'll have to get basic.

    I'm guessing that's the problem.

    "Users who switch back to FOMA from Xi will be ineligible for the "Value" voice plans unless purchasing a new FOMA handset (which will nearly double the price of the basic fee)."

    Also read this

  18. Thank you very much. I thought the FOMA 3G micro-SIM should technically work in an LTE Docomo Xi, but the staff lady said if I switched to a micro-sim, it would only work in a FOMA phone, and insisted it would not work in a Xi model. (Then I was thinking, which DCM FOMA phones actually accept a micro-sim without adapter? seems strange)

    My plan is to by a new piece of hardware on yahoo auctions, rather than through Docomo, and continue to use my current FOMA plan for another couple of years or so.

    Lot's of good information in these pages. Appreciate your efforts.

  19. If you do, make sure it is a Docomo-branded phone.

  20. The Docomo lady was telling the truth. Found out about it two weeks ago. At first I couldn't believe it, but tested my unlocked Docomo Xi phone with my friend's FOMA-3G microsim, and not even the voice will work.

  21. Q1. What is your FOMA card color? White or Green?
    Q2. What is your Xi phone?
    Q3. Have you ever tried to switch "CDMA only" from "service menu"?
    e.g. If Galaxy Note (SC-05D), the code is "*#197328640#"

  22. A1. It was white. It was my friend's simcard whom was with me at docomo counter. The docomo lady even replaced his foma-microsim card with a new one thinking that the simcard might be broken. It was replaced with this one:, and it still won't work.
    A2. Xperia SO-04D
    A3. Nope, didn't try that. It does work with Softbank iPhone microsim though. My guess is that docomo purposely block foma simcard on Xi phones.

  23. There is a possibility to docomo locks Xi phone for FOMA;
    Even can't use voice call, right? How about the signal icon?
    If the signal strength is nothing, Dial *#*#4636#*#* and set mode to "WCDMA only". I found some reports worked by that.
    (Try it at your own risk, APN will overcharge you, it may refer your IMEI or IMSI)

  24. Thank you kindly James - it does work. I am out of Japan again now - but when I get back in March will be looking forward to tethering my new iPad mini to my unlocked iPhone 4 (now I have it working so well on Docomo's Xi plan thanks to the excellent advice on this site) too

  25. Wow. Glad that I was just outbid on a Galaxy S III. Could have been an expensive mistake.

    I guess for now, until there is a clear answer one way or the other if it works, or if there is a workaround, I will get the FOMA micro-sim and use it with an adapter in my current phone (to save the changeover fee starting in Dec).

    Then, depending on the outcome of further investigation, either get a Nexus or Xi phone at a later date.

  26. I was using Softbank on my factory unlocked GSM iPhone 4S (bought in US at Apple store) but cancelled my contract and bought a Galaxy S4 with Docomo with the Xi plan. I don't care for the S4 so much so I put the docomo SIM into my unlocked iPhone 4S but for the life of me, data doesn't work. I have confirmed that voice works. In the APN settings, I used and when that didn't work I tried I've tried inserting and reinserting the SIM, power off/on, and restore to factory settings - but still get get data. IOS is 6.1.3 and modem firmware is 3.4.03. What am I doing wrong?

  27. By default, you only get sp-mode for Xi plan. Go back to docomo shop, and tell them you want to have mopera also.

  28. I got exactly the same. Tried to use my docomo sim from a docomo galaxy s4 in my iphone 4s. doesn't work.
    You say that I need mopera. Is there a cost to get mopera as well? I guess this is a specific service?

  29. Yes, you must use Mopera as your ISP, not sp-mode. You can change this at the Docomo shop.

  30. hello,

    I'm in Paris and I bought in Japan (via the internet) a Panasonic Eluga power (ntt docomo p07d), is the posibility to unlock the sim via Imei NO!

    thank you

  31. I have no idea if this subject is related to my issue, but will give it a try. I bought an unlocked Galaxy Core (dual SIM card). I got a Docomo micro sim for it which works great for voice calls. The problem is that I cannot send SMS messages. I can receive them, but cannot send. Any help would be appreciated.

  32. Tried using a different SMS app? I had this issue on a rom with my GNex

  33. Is it possible for my lenovo k900 to use dokomo simcard?

  34. hello. now i using docomo iphone 5s with plan Xi ninen. then i tried to use my docomo simcard into Htc one m8 . i got the carrier docomo but i cannot get the lte data. when i tried all the apn still cannot get it. anyone can help please?