Sunday, May 29, 2011

My current b-mobile Fair SIM status

Here comes a test of using the Google Chart APIs to display dynamically updating data on this page. Hopefully, if I've done this correctly, as I track my data usage in a google spreadsheet, these charts should stay up to date over the coming weeks.

I'm still looking at the API to see what can and can't be customized. This is obviously not as powerful as some commercial tools, but it is a good start.

Below, you can see where I tested the speed of the SIM and it's ability to stream by watching youtube and using skype. If I would have continued consuming data at that pace, I'd have used the full charge in about a month.

This graph allows zooming in on different dates. The flat part of the graph is goldenweek.


  1. cool, it's updating.

  2. cool! What API are you using to pull the usage data from b-mobile? I'd love to do the same. 

  3. haha! API? The API to get the data from bmobile is... me!

    The only API is the google chart API

    I am just using the bcharge app to look at my remaining charge every day and then sticking it in a google docs spreadsheet. Then the chart API updates these graphs. But it all stops if I don't manual update the spreadsheet.

    A better way would be to put together a script that scrapes the info and pastes it into the spreadsheet once a day, then it would be truly automated (until bmobile changed the html layout of their site).

  4. hi
    well, it's kind of related. I got an imported ideos from oz - i dont think they will work in japan because i think they manufacturer a different handset for there with no frequencies that are supported in japan in the radio (my model from oz was u8150 d, my japan version i bought today from amazon is u8150 b - hope this saves someone some hair loss) 

    i slapped my bmobile talking sim into the ideos and hey presto i got voice and data and tether. the wifi tether works perfect, although of course a little slow: 

    these are rates on my wifi tethered asus transformer from
    down: 0.31Mbps
    up: 0.34Mbps

    so showing the advertised rate.

    what i like is that i still keep my phone number and it works :)

    as soon as docomo figure out a talking sim like option with decent download rates i'm off to that, but for the time being, better than nothing