Monday, June 13, 2011

Aeon exclusive b-mobile SIM details

UPDATE: Now available at 91 stores primarily from Kansai to Akita, along the Pacific coast
We now have more information on the Aeon exclusive b-mobile SIMs.

Thanks to readers dvancleef and Keith who scanned and uploaded the in store pamphlet (PDF [J]) and the list of Aeon stores [J]. This is currently available at only 14 Aeon stores, but the number is set to increase. (Two circles (◎) indicates that the store carriers both regular b-mobile products and the Aeon Exclusive SIMs. One circle (○) indicates that only the Aeon exclusives are available.) Currently there is one store in Tokyo (Shinagawa seaside), two in Kanagawa (Yokohama and Ebina), two in Saitama (Koshigaya and Kawaguchi), one in Hamamatsu, one in Nagoya, two in Kyoto-fu, two in Osaka, and three in Hyogo.

Details and requirements
  • Proof of residency in Japan
  • Credit card
  • Post paid by credit card only
  • ¥3150 activation fee
  • No fixed term contract; cancel anytime
  • Compatible with b-mobile VoIP (though possibly only with b-mobile IDEOS handset)
    • ¥490/month
    • 15 included minutes
    • ¥10/30 seconds
    • ¥10/120 seconds for calls to US landlines/cellphones (¥10/40s to Alaska)
    • usable overseas with WiFi
    • Additional ¥3150 application fee
Plans can be changed online at the Myb-mobile page. As with all FOMA data plans, including Docomo's, there is a 3 day cap of 3 million packets. In addition, there is a monthly data cap of 1.2GB for each of the plans, but it is really not applicable to anything but Plan C. This review in Japanese indicates that exceeding these limits won't get you shut off completely but will result in a speed limitation. The FAQ has more information. (Ignore the page title, it's a typo.) Here's a table to summarize.

A note on usage with VoIP. Battery life is going to get worse. B-mobile indicates that their IDEOS will only last 8 hours with VoIP active. The battery isn't the biggest at only (1200 mAh).

Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
100 kbps
400 kbps
megabit class*
General apps
b-mobile VoIP**
Monthly cap
* No imposed restrictions on speed
** The normal b-mobile IP Phone only works for the IDEOS. I'm waiting for confirmation that this is different.
*** quality highly dependent on network congestion. Not recommended.
**** As far as I see, it should work with BlueSIP, but no confirmation yet.


  1. Very interesting. So what kind of handsets would the typical user be using?
    Is it a possibility to use handsets from unlocked docomo/au/softbank? Is it possible to use overseas handsets?
    How do one solve email/browsing settings and APNs in those cases?

    Thanks for these posts!

  2. Anything that takes a full size SIM and supports 2100 MHz. no micro SIMs at the moment.

    You could use a SB phone if you got an unlock code for it or hacked it (iphone). SB won't unlock phones for you. AU won't work because it is different tech (CDMA-2000).

    These SIMs use Docomo, you don't need to unlock a Docomo phone to use them.

    APN settings for all the Docomo stuff I am aware of are here
    This includes JCI/bmobile/rstream/Aeon

  3. i applied for an ip phone and will get it today. you apply online via the website, upload an id and they send you an activation code.

    you have to download an android app and enter your bmobile id and the activation code.

    i'm going to test the app on my asus transformer tonight to see if it works on that. if so then it's not tied to an ideos phone which is good news.

    the ip phone application fee was about 3100 yen, and you get charged a 500 yen prepaid amount. you have to top up your minutes, but there is an android app for that you can download too.

  4. Thanks for the information. When you applying, is there anything that identifies that you had purchased the IDEOS from b-mobile? If not

    After you have had a chance to test it out, would you mind submitting a review? You can email it to me or whatever. Which SIM did you get?

  5. hi

    ok, i tried to download the bmobile phone app on the transformer and it didnt work. i guess it's locked to ideos somehow?

    there was no explicit check or questions about where i got the phone from. i *guess* that you can get this ip phone number and install the app on any ideos and it will work.

    it may not have installed on the transformer becuase that doesn't register as a phone - anyone else got an android handset they can try the app on?

    i guess this is the same app you get if you use the voip with the bmobile fair?

    i got the activation code and setup my phone. works smoothly. it integrates with the regular phone dialer so all calls are routed as a normal phone, and you can use the contacts etc from there.

    the calls you make appear instantly on the bmobile site with charges.

    call quality is reasonable, there is some slight reduction of audibility with sillibants, but there was no echo or lag.

    i suspect it's the same quality as the fair package.

    overall i'm very pleased. i've halved the rates for calling mobiles in japan and big discounts for calling worldwide. i pay as i go with the top up charges so im also saving money on the surcharge that comes with the talking sim of 1000yen a month for the phone service.

    i don't need to text anymore so i'm saving about 1000 a month from those fees, and i have a superfast download on the phone and wifi hotspot runs about 100KB/sec

    overall i'm paying about an extra 1000yen over the talking sim base rate, but not spending any more on extra services so it works out about the same, except i have great speeds and can choose what phone service i use.

  6. @f19d8448fcc1eb51b4abc72a51e37ee4 ,
    Can you clarify which SIM are you using. Also, is it necessary to use the b-mobile app or can you download a third part app like Linphone and do the setup of server addresses on that?

  7. hi mkd

    i'm on plan c which is unlimited data and full speed.

    will check out linphone today and let you know.

  8. @f19d8448fcc1eb51b4abc72a51e37ee4 , by the way, I successfully downloaded the bmobile IP phone app to my nexus one. It has the Fair SIM in it, but I didn't try doing from the phone. Instead, I did it from the Android market and had the app downloaded and installed to my phone while on wifi.

    Of course I can't use it but I could download it.

    Does that work for you?