Thursday, June 16, 2011

AU Xoom to get update next week

KDDI Announced for an update their wifi Motorola xoom. Updates should start rolling out next week for those of you who have one but haven't followed Nicholas's guide to updating. 3.1 will add the ability to use a game controller plus other enhancements.
KDDI が Android 端末のアップデート計画を発表、Xoom は今月21日に3.1へ
Sitting in a MacDonald's in Yokosuka, trying out the new blogger app, by the way.

EDIT: After posting this, the blogger app repeatedly spawned and force closed until I uninstalled it. I also tried to attach location data, but that didn't seem to have worked. Tried to send feedback from the in app menu, but that also didn't work.


  1. Just started downloading the update...30 something Mb...I think this will be the 3.1 update...

  2. Done... I now have 3.1 on my AU Xoom...thanks.

  3. Hello - how much RAM does the KDDI Xoom come with - their web site doesn't say.


  4. The same as all of the others 1GB.