Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Remove The Camera Noise on your Galaxy S2 SC-02C

If you are like me and find the camera shutter sound annoying as heck here is how you can remove it on your SC-02C. I can't take credit for this info it was posted over here on XDA

You need to be root to do this so if you have not gotten root yet follow my guide to root your phone here

There are two ways to do this, but because the kernel that was flashed when rooting doesn't allow the system partition to be mounted read/write from adb, this can only be done while typing on the phone's virtual keyboard. You can install a terminal emulator and busybox (if you haven't already) and do this for free. If not, buy and install "Root Explorer" from the Android Market

"Root Explorer" is a very handy app to have with a rooted phone so it is well worth the small cost of buying it.

First, download a modified camera file and copy it to your SD card:

The md5sum of the new Camera.apk file should be ab43b5d284bd21cb296a52f214ccab92

Root Explorer Method

Now using Root Explorer navigate to /system/media/audio/ui/ and click the button to make the directory read and writable. Then rename the files below and add a .bak extension to the following files:


Now, the files should look like this.


Now push the button to make the directory read only again. (if for whatever reason, you want to reactive the shutter sounds, change the extentions back to just .ogg.

Next we want to replace the Stock Camera.apk with a modified one.

First copy /system/app/Camera.apk to a safe location as a backup using Root Explorer then
copy over Camera.apk in /system/app, with the modified Camera.apk and reboot your phone.

Terminal Emulator Method

Alternately, you can so this from a terminal emulator using only free apps, but this is more complicated. (Busybox must be installed)

Also note that the phones internal storage is "/sdcard" and the actual sdcard is "/sdcard/external_sd" so depending on where you downloaded the Camera.apk to modify the commands below accordingly.

su # switch to root user
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system # mounts /system as writeable
cd /system/media/audio/ui/
mv Cam_Stop.ogg Cam_Stop.ogg.bak
# begin renaming files
mv Cam_Start.ogg Cam_Start.ogg.bak
mv camera_click_short.ogg camera_click_short.ogg.bak
mv Shutter_01.ogg Shutter_01.ogg.bak
mv VideoRecord.ogg VideoRecord.ogg.bak
mv /system/app/Camera.apk /sdcard/Camera.apk.old
# move and rename Camera app to SD card
cp /sdcard/Camera.apk /system/app # copies the new camera app from the SD card.
mount -o remount,ro -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system # mounts /system as read only


  1. Techniker TechnologeJuly 29, 2011 at 1:48 AM

    that is a little bit hentai-ish, isn't it? :-)

  2. It all depends on how you use it ;-) for me it is all about not looking like a dumb foreigner when I want to take a picture of some random thing.

  3. how exactly do u make the directory read and writable? i couldnt find the button in the manager

  4. if you are using root explorer it should be in the upper right hand side you can't miss it.

  5. no just a random explorer.....should i just go ahead and buy root manager? just wanna save 300 yen lol

  6. This post has two methods, one which doesn't require root explorer. If you have a terminal emulator, the whole thing could be done for free. Don't enter the commands incorrectly.

  7. Root Explorer is pretty handy and worth it IMHO but that is your call. It was on sale in the amazon app store for around 100円 but now it is back to the normal price.

  8. Hmm... any idea if the camera.apk is/was (file is missing but I have it saved) the same as the one in Ice Cream Sandwich?

  9. I am guessing probably not, however with CyangenMOD 9 when you hold the power button and select the "silent" profile I am pretty sure that it mutes the camera noise.

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