Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to root the Docomo Galaxy S2 SC-02c

Update: I have published a newer version on how to install ICS with root here

The usual warnings apply: We are not responsible for any broken or bricked devices. Use this guide at your own risk. However this worked for me on my SC-02C so it should work for you too. This is actually very easy but you need to make sure you have the proper tools first.

Keep in mind that this is only for rooting the Docomo factory ROM that was preinstalled on the SC-02C and not for installing custom ROMS. If you install a regular Galaxy S2 ROM, as opposed to one specifically for the Docomo SC-02C, then you will break 1seg (TV) and the GPS. This guide flashes a modified factory system image along with some other bits that give you root privilege.

Part One - Preparation 

 1. Read the SC-02C owners thread over at XDA so you understand what you are doing

2. Now download and install the latest version of Heimdall use the command line version not the GUI version http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=755265

3. Then download the stock kernel and factory filesystem with root http://hotfile.com/dl/123171449/40f4fa6/SC02C_STOCK_KERNEL_ROOTFFS.zip.html

4. Extract the zip file and extract the tar file inside (password "odin3") you can delete the file "zimage" we don't need it.

5. Install Heimdall for your system and if you are running Windows or Mac install the Kies software and make sure that your phone is recognized by your machine.

Part Two - The fun part

Now navigate the command prompt to the directory you extracted the tar file to and run (I used sudo because I am using Ubuntu). make sure the kies software is not running
  1. Put the phone into download mode: unplug the USB and power off, power on holding volume down and the home button.
  2. Connect the USB.
  3. Run the command "sudo heimdall flash --factoryfs factoryfs.img"
  4. The phone will auto reboot.
  5. You now have root!!
A lot of the more powerful applications that use root require you to have "Busybox" installed also. click the link and head over to the market to install it on your phone. Once you install it you need to open it and click "install".


  1. Great post. Was just wondering if you're tried this.

  2. I didn't try that but I think it may be doing esentialy the same thing but I would be a little worried since it may not be optimized for the SC-02C you could probably ask on the SC-02C thread on XDA.

  3. FYI if you take the OMKG5 update via the OTA method and not through Kies you don't have to reroot.

  4. Interesting the OTA doesn't want to install on my phone.

  5. Looks like maybe I can't update because I uninstalled most of the Docomo bloatware.

  6. Hmm is there a root for the sc-02b? The KF2 one...

  7. it looks like you can do it using supper one click root

  8. That hasn't worked for 2.3 devices for ages... :(

  9. Sorry to ask a very basic question but will i will be able to tether internet just by flashing the img file?
    and one more question is, am i gonna get the warning logo if i do it exactly like what you have wrote above.
    i am such a looser who knows nothing about his android phone and i appreciate it if you could answer this.

  10. The image above is just the normal system image with root access enabled on it so you can still tether but Docomo will most likely add the tethering charge to your bill because they can detect it and switch to a separate APN.

    However if you follow the link at the top for how to install a ROM on it then you "should" be able to tether without being charged the fee since that ROM is based off a international Galaxy S2 image that has never been touched by Docomo.

    But with tethering use at your own risk because Docomo may find other ways to detect tethering. If you do tether try and not go too crazy because if you pull a lot of data they may take a closer look at your traffic.

  11. Thank you for your quick reply. :D またよろしくお願いします

  12. Is there anything that i should do before rooting and flashing ROM? I am so afraid that I cannot restore it back to a unrooted condition, in case i need to send it for warranty.

  13. That is always a risk. The Galaxy S2 keeps track how many times you flash the system software so you might want to buy a JIG to reset the "download" count and not display the "!" when it is booting. You would want to use that before sending it in for warranty.

    You can flash back to the original firmware using heimdall and the files you can download here:

    I have flashed mine back to stock a few times with all of the various things I have tried on my phone. This phone is pretty hard to brick but whatever you do don't mess with the "PIT" file or re-partition it. Other than that there is not much danger.

    In your flashing adventures if you ever get stuck trying to boot put it into recovery and wipe the dalvik cache and system cache and do a factory reset. That has saved me a few times when I was flashing different kernels and ROM's.

  14. @nicholas.. is there any ways i can root SC-02C ver 2.3.5?

  15. installing the latest kernel listed in the post on how to install a ROM should auto root it for you.

  16. http://hotfile.com/dl/123171449/40f4fa6/SC02C_STOCK_KERNEL_ROOTFFS.zip.html << the file has been removed.. could you upload it again? thanks in advance....

  17. http://hotfile.com/dl/123171449/40f4fa6/SC02C_STOCK_KERNEL_ROOTFFS.zip.html << the file has been removed.. could you upload it again? thanks in advance....

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