Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updating a Japanese WIFI Xoom (MZ604) to 3.2 with root

The usual warnings apply: We are not responsible for any broken or bricked devices. Use this guide at your own risk. However this worked for me on my AU Xoom (MZ604) so it should work for you too.

The improvements include:
Note that not all of these are applicable to the Xoom
  • Zoom and much improved display for programs not developed specifically for the tablet, which can now be resized and enlarged, adapting perfectly to a large display
  • Support for microSD
  • Updates for some applications (Movie Studio, Movies, Music, Widget)
  • Bug fixes and better hardware acceleration
  • Support for 7-inch display
  • Qualcomm processor support

If you already followed my previous guide to unlocking the bootloader installing a custom recovery and flashing 3.1 here then you will have already done all of the hard work. If not follow it and finish the 5th step "install the US Stock 3.1 ". Also if you have installed any sort of custom kernel seperate from my instructions you will want to repeat step 5 and get back to Stock 3.1.

Also this update kept my data intact but you should always take a backup and do a system backup just in case.

I found that video playback was having a lot of stuttering so I tried to do a factory reset and my Xoom got stuck at the the recovery menu. I recommend that you first flash the factory 3.1 image if you already have root. After flashing the factory 3.1 image and then applying the 3.2 update with root everything was better and there were noticeable performance improvements. Flashing the stock 3.1 will wipe out all of your data.

Here is the XDA thread that discuses the 3.2 update. Read up on the update there and then download the update here

First put the Xoom into recovery
  • connect your Xoom to your pc
  • run "adb reboot recovery"
Next install The Update
  1. Note that in recovery, you use the hardware volume buttons to navigate up and down, and the power button to select.
  2. In ClockworkMod Recovery, select "mounts and storage"
  3. Ensure your Xoom is connected to your PC via USB, then select "mount USB storage"
  4. On your PC, copy to the root of the Xoom's SDCard ("Removable Disk" in Windows)
  5. In ClockworkModRecovery (still on the "USB Mass Storage device" screen) select "Unmount"
  6. In the "Mounts and Storage Menu" screen, if the option "unmount /sdcard" is present, continue to the next step; if "mount /sdcard" is present, select it then continue
  7. Select "+++++Go Back+++++"
  8. Select "install zip from sdcard"
  9. Select "choose zip from sdcard"
  10. Select ""
  11. Select ""
  12. "Install from sdcard complete." will indicate that the update is completed.
  13. Select "reboot system now"
Enjoy Honeycomb 3.2!


  1. Im a complete novice when it comes to rooting and what not. I need a VERY clear step by step guide. That Tiamat Rom looks great, any way of helping me through it? Im on stock 3.1 right now.

  2. And thank you :)

  3. Probably the easiest way is to install from manager then install recovery via rom manager. Reboot to recovery and install the zip file. Do a backup in recovery first though.

  4. I rooted Japanese version of the 3.1. What would happen if I used Rom Manager to install 2.2.2 Tiamat Moray. Bad idea? Lol. Should I update to 3.2. Thanks again, Nicholas.

  5. You sir have successfully taught one man how to fish...ME. I pulled it off...somehow. Thanks. Next goal, install Tiamat.
    Side note, what do you do for Japanese input?

  6. Mission Acomplished. Tiamat 2.2.2 Moray :D...Although the lack of a decent Japanese input method is...hard to deal with.
    Thank you so much!