Wednesday, September 7, 2011

B-mobile 1GB Flat Rate SIM

Following the addition of a 1 GB/month recharge option for the FAIR SIM, JCI is adding a  1 GB Flat Rate SIM (1GB定額) as a base plan. It will go on sale online and at retail stores from September 10th for ¥3,480. Recharging is the same as a FAIR on the 1 month flat rate plan, ¥3,100. A micro SIM will also be available.

Here are the key features:
  • Data only
  • ¥3,450 purchase, ¥3,100 recharge
  • 1000 MB/30 days, which ever comes first
  • Data consumption calculated per byte
  • Private IP address (behind a proxy)
  • Residency not required
  • Skype, VoIP, you tube, streaming, tethering allowed
  • Best effort Docomo FOMA speeds but may not be as fast as the FAIR*
  • SIM cannot be charged beyond 10 days from expiration
  • SIM cannot be converted to a FAIR (1000/120 days) plan
*According the FAQ (J), there are cases when the FAIR data plan will have better performance because it is completely open and unrestricted.
当社のサービスの中では、b-mobile Fairが最もパフォーマンスが優れた商品です。 b-mobile Fairとb-mobile 1GB定額は、最大通信速度の技術規格値は同様ですが、b-mobile Fairの場合は速度制限する条件が一切ないため、より快適にご利用できるケースがあります。
In addition, the standard Docomo FOMA restrictions apply. No P2P. Temporary throttling if 300 million packets (~ 360 MB) is exceeded over three consecutive days. Whenever possible, try to confirm that your phone works with b-mobile data-only products before purchasing. Visit Tokyo's Yodobashi Akiba to test a SIM on the weekends.

According to the guidelines regarding MVNOs using Docomo's FOMA network, MVNOs pay a significant fee to Docomo for any live SIM that is in the wild, even if it is currently uncharged and unused. Given the relatively low cost of this SIM, the change in terms from 60 day expiration in the case of the FAIR data plan is understandable.

The following concerns only converting a FAIR SIM to a 1 GB Flat Rate

A FAIR SIM can be converted to a 1GB Flat Rate, and then back to a FAIR data plan. The expiration date after which the SIM can no longer be charged depends on the last data plan. If a FAIR is purchased and the initial charge consumed, you have 60 days to recharge. if on the 59th day, a 1 GB Flat Rate charge is added, you will then have 10 days to recharge once the second charge expires. If the third charge is back to a 120 day FAIR plan, then once that expires, you again have 60 days to recharge.

The newly updated bcharge app contains a disclaimer, that is displayed in English (based on your system language) related to the FAIR SIM. Here is the important excerpt.
  • This service uses a Private IP address. Therefore, it does not support Internet services or applications that require a Global IP address.
  • The Charge Period after plan expiry is 10 days. After 10 days, it will no longer be possible to charge your SIM


  1. Is this avaliable in stores.Hope it's easier to find than a 30 day u300!

  2. Unlike the 1 month U300, it will be available in stores.

  3. Hello do you know if it is possible to use the B-mobile Fair/ any of the B-mobile data only sims with a newly bought and subscribed ntt docomo phone? In other others, is it possible to use the ntt docomo sim for calling and the b-mobile sim for internet on the same phone? Thank you!

  4. Yes, it is possible provided you are ready to change the SIM everytime you want to toggle to the other activity. When you want to call, you will need to put in your Docomo SIM and when you want to do data, you will need to remove the Docomo SIM and put in the B-Mobile SIM (also set and select the appropriate APN for data access).

  5. And on my phones, everytime I switch a SIM, my account passwords reset.

    The Chinese phones that take two SIMs sound interesting, but I worry about hardware quality and software integration. Are the phones junk and do they support a simultaneous voice and data connection using two SIMs? I doubt both.

  6. The dual SIM phones that I have seen, it is only possible to have one SIM active at a time. The whole USP of the phone is only that one does not need to take out the cover and replace the SIM everytime.

    Else, generally there is sepcial key sequence or some menu using which the SIM status needs to be toggled.

    But it would be interesting if there is a phone, where the data can be designated to one SIM and voice to another.

  7. Is the activation process on this SIM the same as the U300, or is it ready to go out of the box without having to use a mobile phone number?

  8. yes, it is the same. You have to call from a mobile phone.

  9. Does it habs to be a japanese mobile phone? How does it work, if you don't have one? Can you do it with someone elses phone?

  10. Does it work on my HTC Desire HD, bought in Germany?

  11. It should work with the Desire but you should try and confirm for yourself.

    You can borrow someone's Japanese cell phone and make the call to activate, then by them a cup of coffee. Though not from starbucks or something like that. Realistically, you'd only cost them the price of a small coffee from McDonald's, since it would take less than a minute of airtime to activate the SIM. Even a McDonald's coffee would be too much. Maybe if you went back for a few free refills (which you can do with the hot coffee but not the ice coffee).

  12. Thank you very much for your fast and funny response. I'll try the coffee-trick. ;)

    I'm thinking about ordering it with my creditcard and let it send to my hotel in Tokio. Is that possible? I know, I won't have the chance to try and confirm, if it works on my device in that case.

  13. yes it is possible and commonly done, though you'll need to arrange to be there for delivery... perhaps ...

  14. Thank you very much. This was very helpful. :-)

  15. hello can i activated the card without japanese skills, maybe anyone can post a 1,2,3 faq, how to activate the card, like 1. call the number at the back of the card 2. type the code at the mobile 3. ... . this is only a axample, i don´t know the right way to activated the sim. Please post is, greetings, and sorry for the bad english

  16. I think it would be better to get someone to help you. What if the menu options change? If we posted a guide saying press 1, then 4 then 2 and enter the phone number on the SIM, it might cause problems if it changed.

    It has been over half a year since I last activated a bmobile SIM. I can't remember what the sequence was. My guess is that all you need to do is enter the 080 phone number and then wait a while.

    Maybe it would be nice if JCI added an English option...

  17. Hey, it looks like it does support English. I think you can press 2 for English.

  18. When I buy this card at Yodobashi for example, do I have to provide any registration information? Or is it just buying it like any other product, pay and take home?

  19. If I need the sim for extra 7 days after the sim expire, can I charge it? If so, how and will I have to charge for the extra 30 days (¥3,100)? Thanks.

  20. Anybody know where/if these can be purchased on Okinawa?

  21. Can you buy a B-Mobile sim at Narita Airport? Any recommendation which store to look for out there?

  22. Once used do I need to cancel the subscription?

  23. this is like a reply to a 3 year old post, but I've been wandering bmobile's site to recharge my SIM. My jap isn't good enough so hopefully a kind soul can help out.