Monday, September 26, 2011

Gingerbread 2.3.6 update for Nexus One came and went

5.3 MB downloaded (over 3G with the Bmobile Fair), but once I clicked "Restart & Install", the reboot count down started but after a few seconds it jumped to a screen showing that "Your system is currently up to date." After later rebooting, I can confirm that I am still on 2.3.4 and my system still shows as "up to date." :(

So rather than wait for it to try and download another 5.3 MB file, only to fail again, I just did updated it myself. Which is how I figured out that:
  1. The reason it probably failed was due to me messing with the build.prop file and
  2. That I can edit the system partition from ADB if I boot into amon_ra recovery.

Here's how it went: Before anything I took a backup.

[UPDATE: forgot to include the link to DL the update. Here it is.]

First I tried to flash the update and got a signature error, so I then disabled signature checking and tried to reflash. Then I got the following error:

assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/build.prop"...

So while booted into recovery, from my computer, I went to the directory where I kept a copy of the original build.prop file and did:

adb push build.prop /system

For safety, I took another backup. Then I rebooted back to recovery and when trying to flash, got the same signature error. This time, disabling the sig check worked.

Now I'm rocking 2.3.6, for whatever that's worth.

UPDATE: forgot to add what I did to regain root privilege, which I lost when updating. I still had the necessary files that I used to on 2.3.4. There may be updated ones available. I didn't check.

Booted into fastboot and flash Amon_RA recovery.

fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-passion-v2.2.1.img

I rebooted to recovery and made yet another backup. Then I flashed these two files from recovery. The first removes the files that will overwrite custom recoveries and the second gives you the ability to use the command su to become root.


The update did not remove the superuser permissions app or busybox, so I didn't need to reinstall these.

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