Monday, October 3, 2011

Installing the leaked 2.3.5 on your SC-02C

The usual warnings apply: We are not responsible for any broken or bricked devices. Use this guide at your own risk. However this worked for me on my SC-02C so it should work for you too.

*Update the XDA user Intratech has posted the full firmware to download so you don't need to use the check Fus downloader to download it*

For those of you who are not faint of heart and want to install the leaked SC-02C ROM on your phone, first backup your apps and data (they will get wiped). Next, I recommend doing a factory reset and wiping the cache. (I didn't and got stuck in a boot loop). To do this, boot into recovery by holding volume up and the home button while powering on and select the options to do a factory reset and also the one to wipe the data cache. Finally download the ROM using the process posted here, extract the files, put the phone in download mode, and then install it using the Heimdall command below (one command - no line breaks.

sudo heimdall flash --cache cache.img --factoryfs factoryfs.img --hidden hidden.img --modem modem.bin --param param.lfs --kernel zImage

My first impressions are not that great though. It appears that video calling in Google Talk is not enabled which is the one major feature that I would want in a stock ROM! It does seem pretty snappy but I really could care less about Touchwiz. I will probably run it long enough to see how the battery life is and if it still has the "Android OS" bug where it is draining the battery and then restore my backup and go back to Delev2 ROM 2.0 that I have outlined here.

If you need to revert, you can install the custom kernel that has recovery and restore your backup or you can download the stock images and re-install using the same command as you used before

Here are the stock images:

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