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SC-02C Helpful Documentation and links

Handsets are often tweaked for specific markets, which may require slight changes to the procedures outlined in modification guides. Often these changes are detailed somewhere within in the thread but are usually drowned out by the sheer volume of replies. The developer will often edit the original post to include this important information, but this is not always the case.

Therefore, this post will describe how the Samsung Galaxy S2 released in Japan by Docomo as the SC-02C varies from the "typical" version considered by 99% of the internet modding guides. The last two rows of this table are the most important.

Major Differences between the SC-02C and the "international I9100"

Terrestrial broadcast
One Seg TV
FM Radio
FOMA Plus (800 MHz)
Total internal memory
16 GB
16/32 GB
System partition
612 MB
512 MB
kernel and baseband
SC-02C specfic
*NFC not included on all models
System Partition Size
The total 16 GB of internal memory in the SC-02C is divided up between several partitions, including the user data partition, the system partition, and an internal SD card partition. Of this total, an additional 100 MB is allocated to the /system partition compared to international models. This is 100 MB that is unavailable for user data (photos, apps, etc.). If you are using Odin for flashing ROMs to your SC-02C, DO NOT repartition (check box) your internal memory. It will repartition based on International specs! (If you want to see the trouble it can cause you, start reading here.)

Of course there may be reasons to repartition the internal NAND layout in the future, as in the (in)famous Danger SPL for the G1/Dream that allowed shoe-horning in ROMs that weren't supposed to fit on the phone.
Kernel and Baseband
Both are unique to the SC-02C. Whenever a ROM is flashed that is not specifically designed for the Docomo variant of this phone, which I'd wager it all of the available ROMs, you will have to reflash the either the
  1. The original stock Docomo kernel and baseband
  2. The original stock Docomo baseband and a kernel modified to support the SC-02C features
If you do not, you will not have a working GPS or one seg.

SC-02C Owners Thread

Here is the SC-02C owners on XDA. This is an excellent place to start reading to familiarize yourself with the differences between this handset and the international version.

[SBS's note on tethering: I can't confirm this, but my assumption is that turning on tethering with DOCOMO FIRMWARE is switching the APN to To avoid tethering charges, you would need to root the phone and use wireless tether for root users or switch to a custom ROM, which will allow you to tether using the standard mpr2 or spmode APN. EXCESSIVE tethering runs the risk of being detected, though we have heard of no stories of it happening... yet.]

SC-02C Firmware

Stock Firmware
Docomo stock SC-02C ROM
Docomo stock SC-02C baseband and kernel (take from this post of global GS2 firmware by Intratech).
Firmware information: PDA: OMKG5| Phone: OMKG5| CSC:DCMKG5
Password on archived file: intratech@XDA
Custom Firmware
SiyahKernel v1.7.5
DlevROM2 v2.0
(Instructions for installation here)

SC-02C Flashing and Utilities

Heimdall is a cross platform tool for flashing the Galaxy S2. It uses the same protocol as ODIN but runs on mac and linux. There is also a GUI for those who don't like command lines, though with the command line you always know what the scripts are doing.

The Heimdall command to flash looks like this. Just remove the parts you don't need. Usually I am only flashing the Kernel and the baseband (modem.bin)

heimdall flash --cache cache.img --factoryfs factoryfs.img --hidden hidden.img --modem modem.bin --param param.lfs --kernel zImage
Check Fus Downloader
"Check Fus Downloader 2.1" can be used to download leaked ROM's from Samsung.
Recovery Mode
To put the phone in Recovery Mode turn off the phone and hold "volume up" and the "home" buttons while powering it on. Recovery mode is useful for resetting it to factory defaults and wiping the cache. If you Have a kernel that supports Clockwork Recovery you can do more advanced tasks like backing up and restoring your system.
Download Mode
In order to flash any kernels or baseband the phone must first be in "Download Mode" to put the phone in download mode turn off the phone and unplug it from the USB. Hold the "volume up", "home" button, and power it on. Once it enters download mode you can connect the USB.
Why do I have a yellow exclamation mark when my phone boots?
Samsung checks to see if you are using a signed kernel or not and will display a yellow exclamation mark under the Docomo logo when booting if you are not using a stock kernel. Also they keep track of how many times you have flashed the kernel. If you would like to reset the count and remove the exclamation mark you will need to buy a special USB dongle called a "JIG" it can reset both of these. While it does not interfere with how the phone works you will want to do this if you need to ever send it in for warranty support.


Here is how to connect to Ad-Hoc Wireless networks with this guide.

Here is how to disable the shutter sound on the camera with this guide.

Recommended Apps

Root Explorer


  1. Do you know anywhere locally (Tokyo or online store) where a JIG can be purchased? Or will I have to order from overseas?

  2. I have not found any in Japan but I think they are pretty easy to make. Maybe that will be my next little project.

  3. Believe the extra 100mb is taken out of hidden, not sdcard.

  4. I don't see where we mentioned it came from SDCARD if you can point it out we would be grateful. I want to make sure we have accurate info.

  5. While I was in there, I made some additional changes, adding the total size of internal memory and a note on tethering based on what the XDA owners thread had said.

  6. By SDCARD I was meaning the internal memory mounted as /mnt/sdcard, not the external sd (/mnt/sdcard/external_sd).

    In any case the statement is still incorrect. The extra space is taken out of HIDDEN (/dev/block/mmcblk0p12) and does not affect available storage for apps/photos.

    Mount that partition (its ext4 but not mounted by default) and check the size if you want to verify. its 412mb not the 512mb it would be on an I9100.

  7. We were trying to nail down exactly where the space is coming from but since Nicholas is running that leaked ROM without root, he doesn't have access to the whole file system. Add up all the mounts here and they don't add up to what they should. There's about 2 GB missing. No idea the size of /mnt/secure/asec and hidden is um... hidden :-)

  8. There's supposed to be an image in that previous reply. I'm not seeing though. Anyone seeing it? it is a screenshot from a terminal emulator and the command df.

  9. Let's try this again. The screenshot is definitely attached and I can preview before hitting the post button.

  10. HIDDEN is 512mb on the 9100 and 412mb on the SC-02C, SYSTEM is 512mb on the 9100 and 612mb on the SC-02C.

  11. Docomo phones can be used on bmobile without unlocking, as bmobile is just an MVNO using docomo's network.

  12. Can you re-up the sc-02c stock ROM, baseband and kernel (specially the kernel)? MY sgs2 is stuck on the ntt docomo page with the yellow triangle and would like to re-flash the stock kernel to fix it temporarily. Please?

  13. Forgot to mention that multiupload is dead that is why..

  14. Hi the links of Docomo stock SC-02C ROM, baseband and kernel are dead can someone upload please i'm worried my email is I would appreciate so much.

  15. yeah that is a problem, I have uploaded the latest firmware here

    you can also always grab the latest version direct from Samsung using the Check Fus 2.0 utility

  16. Hi have you downloaded the files (docomo sc-02c stock Rom, kernel , baseband ) please can you upload to another server please i'm desperate because my Samsung S II nttdocomo is dead please sorry by my english. my email is


    Also you can always download the latest version using the Check Fus 2.0 utility here

  18. thanks but can you add me at messenger because i dont know how to flash bin files please add me

  19. The section labeled "Heimdall" above has all of the information you need on how to flash the files.
    The XDA thread for SC-02C also has more information.

  20. I tried to flash but I have not been successful my problem is I put another rom samsung i9100 galaxy s 2 specifically but now I want to return to the original firmware of ntt docomo but I can't .

  21. What error did you get? Did you re-partition your device before? You should ask on the Sc-02C XDA thread as more people may be able to offer more advice on your specific error.

  22. i have tried but there aren't no answers, i dont know how do you do repartition. can you explain to me please

  23. you do not want to re-partition but if you did it will give you problems. Try asking again on XDA because I don't remember seeing your question and I follow that thread pretty closely.

    Also without any further information on what error you are getting at what point in the process you are having the problem I can't be much help.

    see my other posts on the SC-02C for more detailed info that may help since I don't know where exactly you are having the trouble

  24. Dude, you posted here?
    Where? I watch this thread and Nicholas is a major contributor. We don't see anything from you there. POST YOUR QUESTION THERE WITH A PROPER DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM NOT JUST HEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!!1111111 MEEEEEEEEE

    And people will help you. This is not the place.

  25. thank you mi first quiestion was about the links that are dead can you upload in another server thanks

  26. they are in the first link,

    if you need a version that might work with Odin try downloading from Samsung using Check Fus

    I don't use Odin so you should ask on XDA about using it if you use Oden.