Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shuttle xs35gt v2 BIOS settings for wireless networking

The original Shuttle xs35 series "barebones" case shipped with a very windows-centric BIOS that would shutdown power to the wireless card. There was no way to compensate for this with linux. A BIOS version that fixed this was posted to Shuttle's website, then subsequently removed, though it has been mirrored on a number of personal sites.

The second revision, the xs35 V2 series, ships with a BIOS that allows disabling of "Wireless Power Control". Here are (very bad) photos of the BIOS that is included with my Shuttle xs35gt v2. I bought this the first week it was available. I am unaware if there are new versions currently available.

BIOS Version: 1.01
EC Version: 1.00
Build Date: 03/21/2011


  1. Hello, do you know if disabling the Wireless power control does allow it to work with a linux distribution. I disabled it but my Ubuntu USB is not "seeing" the wireless device. Thanks.

  2. Ubuntu has never been friendly with me and this hardware. Nicholas has the earlier revision and didn't have the number of problems. It seems that 10.10 (the latest version I installed) didn't have the drivers for both the wired and wireless cards. The XBMC live CD based on a 10.04 server install did have the wired card drivers, but I still had to bring up the network manually.

    This excellent post details having to compile and install the wireless drivers. Personally, I never bothered to setup wireless since I rely on the gigabit ethernet card for getting content on it.

  3. Thanks for your quick answer. The link you provide describes the set up regarding the old version of X35 (which I already have and runs Ubuntu 11.10 without problems, as I updated the BIOS).
    Now I bought a XS35V2 for a similar use but did not figure out that the BIOS would be different.
    What I am searching is whether anybody has succeeded to activate the wireless on a linux distribution based on the existing BIOS 1.03- but you answered you do not use it.
    I am going to ask Shuttle, maybe they are receptive to providing more information as they did for the first XS35 version.
    Best regards.

  4. That's a different question than you asked originally.

    The old version and the new version have the same NIC. So the write up I linked to is appropriate if your distro doesn't include the drivers. Do you even see it when you type ifconfig?

    If not, I would suggest you follow the instructions in the link I posted.