Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AEON b-mobile SIMs now have voice plans

The postpaid, AEON exclusive b-mobile SIMs now support voice. The terms are the same as the AEON data-only SIMs: residency required and payment via credit card. A 1-year contract is required, but it does not automatically renew. No microSIM are available.

Current users of AEON data-only plans won't be able to continue using the same SIM card.

From the product page, here is a table showing the potential pricing.

Total minimum monthly cost
Voice Plan S Voice Plan M Voice Plan L
1,290円 2,100円 3,675円
Data Plan A 980円 2,270円 3,080円 4,655円
Data Plan B 2,980円 4,270円 5,080円 6,655円
Data Plan C 4,980円 6,270円 7,080円 8,655円


  1. I think there is a typo in the overview as Plan B is 400kbps not 100kbps as stated in the post.

  2. copy and paste fail. fixed.

  3. This seems like a breath of fresh air! I am tired of my iPhone and will probably only be in Japan for maybe a year and a half longer (less than a 2 year contract). I would really like to import a Galaxy note and use that as a phone. Could I cancel my Softbank contract when it is up in March or April and then get a sim from Aeon and put it in my Galaxy note and be able to use both voice and data? When you say that it doesn't auto renew, do you need to renew after one year or does it just continue pay as you go with no cancellation penalties? Thanks for the advice!

  4. Yes you can do that, though the only payment option is by credit card. AFAIK, foreign cards are OK.

    Yes, it becomes a pay as you go (monthly post paid) with no penalty for cancelation. I am pretty sure the don't prorate if you cancel in the middle of a month, though.

  5. Hi, I have three questions at the moment I was hoping someone could help me with:

    What happens after the first 1.2GB of data is spent in Data Plan C?
    Can you could cut the SIM to work on an iPhone 4(S) - assuming it's cut properly?
    And finally, the credit card requirement also applies to voice plans on B-Mobile right?

    Thanks :)

  6. You get push email with bmobile, if the client supports. For IMAP IDLE, you need to use k9 mail for android. Kind of a wonky program but supports push. gmail is also pushed. bmobile has no carrier mail like @softbank mail.

    I would highly recommend bmobile because you are unsure how long you'll be here. the voice SIMs now have a 1-year contract because of softbank MNP stupidness, but they do not automatically renew.

  7. Thank you for your help! This website has been very informative for me! I think I will go ahead and get an unlocked Galaxy Note and try to go through Aeon's B-Mobile service. I will report back with my findings. :)

  8. Yeah, do report how it went, please, I'm also planning to get Aeon and would like to know how it went and how well it works :)

  9. Hello, just to note that I successfully installed the AEON bmobile talking SIM in a Lumia 710. It was quite easy actually and everything works, Calling, Data and SMS. You do not get a dedicated email from them however.