Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Docomo swaps SP Mode Mail address

Update, It seems that this was caused by overloaded servers.

On Tuesday 12/20, a portion of NTT Docomo SP Mode Mail customers had their mail address swapped randomly with other users. This incorrect address was displayed to recipients of mail sent by affected customers. Replies were also directed to the incorrect mail addresses. Thus far, NTT Docomo has received 103 complaints of incorrectly set addresses. The reason for the problem is under investigation.

To verify your address, from mail settings go to other (その他) and then address. If the wrong address is displayed, reboot your phone to restore the proper address.

NTT Docomo has partially suspended SP Mode services in response. See the announcement for the fully list of stopped services, but it is probably a bunch of stuff that no one reading this blog uses anyway.

(I bet when Docomo implemented their carrier mail system 10 years ago, the way they did it probably seemed like a good idea. If you looked at the specification today, you'd probably ask WTF were they thinking.)


  1. I'm surprised that the Mobile Number Portability backend has not totally collapsed. Its a total house of cards waiting to happen, as its dependent on a server on each carrier all having mutual connectivity to each other at all times.

  2. Could someone whose japanese is a little better look at the announcement and verify that this could also cause problems for Android Market payments charged through carrier bills?

    A bit more than just egg-in-the-face if that is true...

  3. I don't know anything about that service, or if it is tied to sp mode, but アンドロイドマーケット ドコモ課金 is disabled, so perhaps you can't do it. The "mobile payments" function is also currently disabled. ドコモケータイ払い,

  4. Sounds like I read it correctly then. Going to be really bad publicity if people get charged for other peoples' app downloads on their docomo bills.

  5. PEople do not want change email it's simple so docomo continue on i-mode/sp-mode