Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nikkei reports LTE iPhone and iPad coming to NTT Docomo, Docomo denies.

Interesting day. Today, the Nikkei reported that an LTE version of the iPad and iPhone are coming to NTT Docomo next summer and fall, respectively. The article claimed that, according to many involved parties, NTT Docomo CEO Yamada and VP Tujimura were in the US during mid November for direct negotiations with Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook. However Docomo quickly denied this.

Docomo to introduce LTE iPhone next summer

NTT Docomo has forged an agreement with Apple to sell the the next generation of the popular iPhone and iPad. Based on the agreement, NTT Docomo expects to first release an LTE iPad next summer, follwed by an LTE iPhone in Fall.
Docomo released a press release in response. An excerpt follows:

Today, it was reported in the press that NTT Docomo will begin carrying the iPhone and iPad. However there is currently no agreement in place with Apple. NTT Docomo are in fact not currently engaged in negotiations.
So, which is true?

If Docomo was actually in negotiations with Apple for iStuff, and if that iStuff was going to be LTE, and if Docomo just leaked that to the world, then it's not hard to imagine that Docomo would no longer be in negotiations with Apple and would never see any iAnything. Forever. And ever. Especially if Steve was still around.

So, Docomo would have no choice but to implement damage control quickly and deny the report.

On the other hand, the Nikkei report could be all BS.

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  1. Interesting, didn't know Apple was that strict that early in the game.