Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Installing Ice Cream Sandwich with root on your AU Xoom (MZ064)

The usual precautions apply. We are not responsible for any damaged devices. This procedure will wipe your data so I recommend you backup anything that is important.

In my previous post on how to get stock Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) installed on your Xoom, I said that root is not really needed. Well less than a few days later, I am eating my words. I found such a reason. In order to pair a PS3 controller over bluetooth with your Xoom you need to have root. I would much rather use bluetooth for that, so it was worth the effort for me.

This process will have 3 steps:
  1. Install CWM Recovery so we can install the update ZIP file.
  2. Install the ICS update ZIP file (already with root).
  3. Install Rogue Recovery v1.3.0 to have a more up-to-date, feature-rich bootloader.
The update does not include a custom kernel, and other than a few bug fixes, is completely stock. One nice feature is that it doesn't overwrite the recovery partition like stock ICS. If you are already running ICS, I recommend reverting to stock before proceeding. See my last post for instructions. (I would do it anyway just to be safe).
  • Download the ICS update with root included here
  • Download CWM Recovery from here (fastboot version)
  • Download Rogue Recovery v1.3.0 from here
  • Put the ICS update and the Rogue Recovery ZIP files onto a micriSD card
  • Place the microSD card in your Xoom
Step 1:
Install CWM Recovery (change "recovery-solarnz-XXXXXX-XXXX.img" to the name of the file you downloaded)

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery-solarnz-XXXXXX-XXXX.img
fastboot reboot

Then once your Xoom is booted reboot into recovery

adb reboot recovery

Step 2:
Once in recovery do the following
  • wipe your system cache
  • wipe your Dalvik cache (under advanced)
  • Install the ICS sandwich update that you downloaded to your microSD card
  • Reboot

After installing, if you get an "error 7" when updating the bootloader, don't worry about it. I got the same thing. It doesn't matter because we will be updating to CWM Rogue Recovery v1.3.0 once we are done.

Step 3:
Once again when your Xoom is booted reboot into recovery

adb reboot recovery
  • Install Rogue Recovery v1.3.0 ZIP file from the SDcard.
  • Reboot back to recovery (under the advanced menu option)
  • Do a backup if you are so inclined
  • Reboot and enjoy!!


  1. how long does first boot take?
    mine's already taken a long time

  2. yeah if the userdata doesn't get wiped when switching from stock to the US ROM you will get that problem.

  3. Is for galaxy s2 SC-02C too?