Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Google Android Japanese keyboard updated

In my opinion, this is the best free Japanese keyboard around. Recent improvements include:
  1. Faster cold-boot.
  2. Faster keyboard switching.
  3. Reduced memory consumption
  4. Fixed process crash on input of a special query.
  5. Fixed process crash when keyboard switch key is pushed at the same time as other keys.
  6. Fixed the lack of persistence of conversion history.
Download it from the market if you haven't already.


  1. Where is the keyboard switching?

  2. I haven't found a graceful way to do it on any android keyboards. I long press either the text input box or the bottom left romaji/kana toggle to bring up the contextual menu for switching.

    Google could provide a nice workaround for forcing us to use two keyboards if they could make that doable in one single tap.

  3. ICS keyboards now add a notification that you need to select to change input mode, it's no longer the long-press a text field to change it.

  4. Great tip, thanks a lot

  5. thanks for posting this man, i had no idea google had made an IME for android! this is great news. open flick/wnn was >ok< but not perfect. this is much closer to the experience on iphone which is still the best japanese input for mobiles. shame about the pink highlights (???) and lo-resolution keys but otherwise basically perfect.

    just curious; does this keyboard also support japanese phones with emoji? i use a foreign htc desire with a barebones ROM and no emoji, and the option is (understandably) greyed out on my google IME.

  6. Yeah, I don't know if it would support emoji in that case. It obviously has that built in, but it might not be active yet.

  7. I also missed that long press function. Wtf. switching keyboard is very mendokusai now.

  8. On the standard ICS keyboard, you can long-press the space bar to change keyboard. On the Google Japanese IME, you can long-press the romaji/kana-button at the bottom left.