Sunday, April 1, 2012

Docomo SC-04D Galaxy Nexus supply shortage

UPDATE: Some shops do still have stock.

Janne in Osaka first reported that the Galaxy Nexus was unavailable at several Docomo shops in his area. I've since also made the rounds. It's official - NTT Docomo is unable to guarantee whether new stock will ever become available. 入荷未定

Note that this phone is officially listed as "on sale" on the NTT Docomo product page. (発売中 in the above screenshot). While you can probably order/reserve one, it may be months (if ever) before it is delivered.

However, there are still handsets available. You'll just have to hunt for them. I've seen new and used ones at various shops in Akihabara, though some of the new ones were the SIM-free international version (for about ¥30,000). Buying the international version will require a Xi contract to use with Docomo. 

There were reports back in December of supply issues in the US, so I guess this should be no real surprise. At least Docomo now knows the formula for a popular Android phone.


  1. Btw, Love your site ^_^

    I recommend all my customers to check out your site since it has so much informative Docomo information and it saves me alot of time of explaining everything that is already nicely written on your blog

    Keep up the good work :P

  2. I checked 3 shops in Shinjuku and it wasnt available at any of the places.

    Am glad, I got mine 2 weeks ago.

  3. The DoCoMo shop in Kitakurihama has a few in stock - I got mine two weeks ago.

  4. I went to the docomo shop the Yodobashi outside Yokohama Station today. I was shocked when they said there were no Nexuses (Nexii?) available -- the sales guy even told me I couldn't order one. I had not seen this page before going.

    I was hoping to get the Nexus at my contract renewal in May.

    I do remember some people saying there might be a docomo LTE version of the Nexus coming out in April or May. I'm hoping that this is the case. Docomo doesn't offer any other unlocked phones, right? And no other phones with android 4.0 on them either.

  5. Where did you here talk about an non-CDMA2000 LTE version? That would be very interesting.

  6. I guess it was this:
    "NTT Docomo left the door open for a later release of an LTE model but says it is currently undetermined."

  7. You do know why it's sold out, right? They were literally giving them away sans-contract. Yamada Denki had them at ¥0 for new/MNP and ¥6800 for upgrades, and all you had to do was sign up for 2 months of a pay service. After that, no fees or cancellation charges would apply.

    At Docomo shops, they were free with 2 year contracts, or ¥10,500 for upgrades.

    The "key" to a "successful" phone is literally giving it away for free. The shops in Den Den Town were offering buy-back rates of ¥4000. One store had over 200+ in stock, from all the people taking advantage of the sale.

  8. Um.... Yahoo and Rakuten Auctions. I got my docomo version for 25,0000yen.

  9. I just arrived in Japan this month and I went to the shop in Takadanobaba opposite to the station today. They told me there is "no supply at this moment". I didn't know about the shortage and they didn't even ask me if I want to pre-order so I thought they don't accept order now and was very surprised.
    Anyway I can't think of any flagships that can be cheaper than where I was living and can be sim-unlocked so I will continue to try my luck.

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