Thursday, April 19, 2012

Japan Communications Inc to file suit against NTT Docomo?

One week ago, Frank Sanda, founder and CEO of Japan Communications, Inc. (JCI), sent the following tweet.
The biggest problem in our country is that large companies deliberately undermine the success of small companies.  This is against the law.
JCI, the provider of the popular b-mobile SIMs and the MVNE behind many recent mobile startups, is responsible for the recent availability of reasonably-priced mobile data plans. Through government arbitration, they forced NTT Docomo (DCM) to adopt transparency and consistency when dealing with MVNOs. More recently, DCM has started releasing products that are in direct competition with popular plans like the Aeon 100 kpbs "Plan C" SIM.

Now, JCI has called an emergency press conference to apparently announce a lawsuit against DCM.

I'll update this post when I know more.


  1. Well, what's the basis for the lawsuit? DCM offering a competitive product can only be good for the consumer, can't it.

  2. Docomo has been over charging JCI.

  3. I see. That makes sense then.